Miss Universe Winner Odds

Miss Universe 2017 will be held on 26 November 2017.

Who wins Miss Universe 2017?

Miss South Africa4.003.00
Miss Thailand7.503.50
Miss Colombia7.504.00
Miss Philippines7.507.00
Miss Venezuela13.009.00
Miss Spain13.0010.00
Miss Usa17.0011.00
Miss Australia17.0015.00
Miss Canada21.0015.00
Miss Brazil23.0013.00
Miss Mexico23.0013.00
Miss India23.0015.00
Miss Indonesia23.0015.00
Miss Curaçao26.0023.00
Miss Kosovo26.0026.00
Miss Argentina29.0026.00
Miss Dominican Republic29.0026.00
Miss France34.0010.00
Miss Russia34.0021.00
Miss Jamaica34.0026.00
Miss Israel34.0029.00
Miss Hungary34.0034.00
Miss Costa Rica41.0021.00
Miss Guyana41.0021.00
Miss Peru41.0021.00
Miss Angola41.0026.00
Miss Chile41.0026.00
Miss Ecuador41.0026.00
Miss Ukraine41.0026.00
Miss Malaysia41.0034.00
Miss Puerto Rico41.0034.00
Miss Ireland41.0041.00
Miss Sri Lanka51.0019.00
Miss Sweden51.0021.00
Miss Austria51.0034.00
Miss Panama51.0034.00
Miss Bolivia51.0041.00
Miss China51.0041.00
Miss Georgia51.0041.00
Miss Czech Republic51.0051.00
Miss Kenya51.0051.00
Miss Lebanon51.0051.00
Miss Serbia51.0051.00
Miss Uruguay51.0051.00
Miss Germany67.0067.00
Miss Croatia81.0034.00
Miss Poland81.0034.00
Miss Haiti81.0041.00
Miss Honduras81.0051.00
Miss Italy81.0051.00
Miss Kazakhstan81.0051.00
Miss Romania81.0067.00
Miss Bulgaria81.0081.00
Miss Cambodia81.0081.00
Miss Singapore81.0081.00
Miss Trinidad & Tobago81.0081.00
Miss Guam101.0034.00
Miss Albania101.0051.00
Miss Bahamas101.0051.00
Miss Finland101.0051.00
Miss Guatemala101.0051.00
Miss Iceland101.0051.00
Miss Netherlands101.0051.00
Miss Portugal101.0051.00
Miss Belgium101.0067.00
Miss Japan101.0067.00
Miss Norway101.0067.00
Miss Cayman Islands101.0081.00
Miss St Lucia101.0081.00
Miss Turkey101.0081.00
Miss El Salvador101.00101.00
Miss Slovenia101.00101.00
Miss Tanzania101.00101.00
Miss U.S. Virgin Islands101.00101.00
Miss Namibia151.0051.00
Miss Nicaragua151.0067.00
Miss Vietnam151.0067.00
Miss Great Britain151.0081.00
Miss Aruba151.00101.00
Miss Barbados151.00101.00
Miss Malta151.00101.00
Miss Nepal151.00101.00
Miss Nigeria151.00101.00
Miss Slovakia151.00101.00
Miss Ghana151.00151.00
Miss Mauritius201.0081.00
Miss British Virgin Islands201.00101.00
Miss Korea201.00101.00
Miss Myanmar201.00101.00
Miss New Zealand201.00101.00

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