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Who wins Women's 50km Walk?

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2019 World Championships in Athletics for Women: 50 kilometres Race Walk


Unlike its shorter companion, the 50 kilometres Race Walk is the only athletics event at the Olympics still contested by men only. Also, it’s the longest athletics event on the Olympic schedule.

Race walking requires the competitors to keep one foot always in contact with the floor. If the competitor fails to comply with this rule, than it is called ‘lifting’.

Also, the advancing leg must straighten from the point of contact and remain straight until the body passes over it. 3 violations of the rules during the competition disqualify the athlete.

Usually run as a road race, historically at major running and sporting events it has finished inside the main stadium, although at several recent international championships there have been historic or scenic interest finishes.

The Past:

Its origins date back to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The event 1st appeared as a 1/2-mile race at the 1904 Summer Olympics, it was part of the ten-event All-Around Championship (an early precursor of the decathlon). Individual races (initially over shorter distances), were introduced at the Intercalated Games of 1906 and have been a fixture at the major championships ever since, apart from the 1928 Summer Olympics.

The longer version of the race walking distances became part of the Olympic programme in '32, although it was not contested at the ‘76 Summer Olympics.

As said earlier, it’s contested by men only at the Olympics; however women have too started contesting in the event at the World Championships, starting with ‘17.


Inês Henriques

The Portuguese athlete has represented her country at the '04 and '12 Olympics and has competed at the World Championships on 8 occasions from '01 to '17.

In '17, she won the gold medal in the 50 kilometres walk event, held for the first time during the World Championships. With her time of 4h: 05m: 56s, she also set the world record for the event.