Group A Basketball World Cup Odds

Who wins the group A at Basketball World Cup 2019?

Ivory Coast35.0031.00

FIBA World Cup 2019
Group A

It will be the first time ever for the tournament to be held in the world's most populous country.
Without any doubt, Group A is the lowest quality group when it comes to teams. But that doesn’t mean that this group will be not interesting to watch.
Group A contains teams such as China, Venezuela, Poland, and Cote d'Ivoire.
If we are looking for a group favorite, we should start with the home team, China.

This group is like made for a team of China. They will play in front of their home fans, and we all how Chinese fans are passionate.
When Yao's retirement was finally announced in July 2011 it was considered a big blow to the national team, whose success had largely depended on him for many years. Yet, critics have been optimistic that China will continue to improve on its international performances. In 2016, a new era of Chinese stars would begin to form, as NBA draftees in Zhou Qi and Wang Zhelin would gain considerable amounts of attention for their successes in China.
The team mostly contains players from the domestic league, but a couple of them are playing minor roles in NBA league.

Right next to team China is team Poland, they will be the first threat for the home team in a battle for the number one place in the group phase.
The first star of team Poland is a famous center and ex NBA player Lampe Maciej who alongside with team captain Ponitka Mateusz and A.J. Slaughter makes this team worth attention.
Poland managed to defeat powerful team Croatia in a qualification match for Word Cup tournament. Mateusz Ponitka was superb with 20 points, 8 rebounds and 2 blocks, while A.J. Slaughter scored 15.
Coach  Mike Taylor will have a lot of things to do to prepare his team for the second game in the group's phase against team Chine.
Both Poland and Chine will not have so many problems with the other two teams Venezuela and Cote d'Ivoire.

Teams Venezuela and Cote d'Ivoire will play a minor role in this group. Their main goal will be to try to surprise any team and maybe somehow qualify for the next stage. Only one player of team Venezuela is playing in Europe, all the others are playing in the South America continent.
Ivory Coast qualified for the 2019 FIBA World Championship in dramatic and extraordinary circumstances. After only narrowly avoiding elimination in the first qualifying round (they finished 3rd in their group and only qualified because they held the tiebreaker to Mozambique), they needed to win their last three games in the final group by a combined margin of 66 points in order to qualify as the best-ranked third-placed team. They remarkably did so (actually, they won by a combined 73 points), dispatching even African powerhouses and already-qualified team Nigeria.
If we compare these two teams by names, I would give a bit more chances to team Cote d'Ivoire, just because more players are playing in Europe and they have a bit more experience.