Best Actor Academy Award 2019 Odds

Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role is one of the Academy Awards of Merit presented annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) to recognize an actor who has delivered an outstanding performance while working within the film industry. Prior to the 49th Academy Awards ceremony (1976), this award was simply known as the Academy Award of Merit for Performance by an Actor. Since its inception, however, the award has commonly been referred to as the Oscar for Best Actor. While actors are nominated for this award by Academy members who are actors and actresses themselves, winners are selected by the Academy membership as a whole.

Who wins the Academy Award for Best Actor at the Academy Award 2019?

Bradley Cooper2.501.57
Christian Bale5.504.00
Ryan Gosling9.007.00
Rami Malek11.007.50
Willem Dafoe12.0011.00
Viggo Mortensen12.0012.00
Robert Redford15.0015.00
Ethan Hawke21.0013.00
Hugh Jackman21.0015.00
Ben Foster21.0021.00
Clint Eastwood21.0021.00
Lucas Hedges (Ben Is Back)21.0021.00
Lucas Hedges (Boy Erased)21.0021.00
Mahershala Ali21.0021.00
Chadwick Boseman34.0034.00
John David Washington34.0034.00
John Krasinski34.0034.00
Timothee Chalamet34.0034.00
Steve Carell41.0026.00
Brad Pitt51.0051.00
Matthew Mcconaughey51.0051.00
Nick Robinson51.0051.00
Jake Gyllenhaal67.0067.00
Lakeith Stanfield67.0067.00
Andrew Garfield101.00101.00
Javier Bardem101.00101.00
Joaquin Phoenix101.00101.00
John C. Reilly101.00101.00
Jonathan Pryce101.00101.00
Michael Shannon101.00101.00
Stephan James101.00101.00