Binche–Chimay–Binche 2020 odds

Who wins Binche–Chimay–Binche/Mémorial Frank Vandenbroucke 2020?

There is no odds at Binche-Chimay-Binche/Mémorial Frank Vandenbroucke 2020 yet, but we had already found odds at Tour of Flanders 2020.

Who wins Binche–Chimay–Binche/Mémorial Frank Vandenbroucke 2019?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Arnaud Démare7.007.00
Jasper Stuyven7.007.00
Yves Lampaert7.007.00
Tim Merlier10.0010.00
Dylan Groenewegen11.0011.00
Edward Theuns11.0011.00
Florian Senechal11.0011.00
Oliver Naesen15.0015.00
Timo Roosen15.0015.00
Danny Van Poppel26.0026.00
Niki Terpstra29.0029.00
Andrea Pasqualon34.0034.00
Dimitri Claeys34.0034.00
Petr Vakoc34.0034.00
Pieter Serry34.0034.00
Aimé De Gendt51.0051.00
Emils Liepinš51.0051.00
Julien Duval51.0051.00
Krists Neilands51.0051.00
Nils Politt51.0051.00
Stefan Küng51.0051.00
Timothy Dupont51.0051.00
Xandro Meurisse51.0051.00
Dries De Bondt67.0067.00
Jens Debusschere67.0067.00
Jens Keukeleire67.0067.00
Mikkel Frølich Honoré67.0067.00
Piet Allegaert67.0067.00
Roy Jans67.0067.00
Silvan Dillier67.0067.00
Tom Van Asbroeck67.0067.00
Hugo Hofstetter81.0081.00
Jelle Wallays81.0081.00
Lawrence Naesen81.0081.00
Stan Dewulf81.0081.00
Taco Van Der Hoorn81.0081.00
Thomas Sprengers81.0081.00
Victor Campenaerts81.0081.00
Adrien Petit101.00101.00
Alex Kirsch101.00101.00
Baptiste Planckaert101.00101.00
Iljo Keisse101.00101.00
Jos Van Emden101.00101.00
Tim Declercq101.00101.00

Binche–Chimay–Binche 2019

One of the toughest and most iconic of the late Belgian semi-classics, Binche–Chimay–Binche has had a rather tumultuous history, and although the first edition of the race was held back in 1911, the 2019 edition will only be the 32nd in the row. After just two editions, it disappeared between 1913 and 1921, and after a brief return it was again gone during the long period between 1930 and 1983. After a break of 53 years, an attempt was made to revive the race, and it seemed to thrive in the following years, when riders such as Jelle Nijdam, Wilfried Nelissen, Adrie van der Poel, and not least Frank Vandenbroucke won.

Unfortunately, the race disappeared again from 1997, but after Vandenbroucke's premature death, a decision was made to recreate it as a 1.1 race under the name Memorial Frank Vandenbroucke. Since then, it has been held every year, first as Binche-Tournal-Binche and now as Binche-Chimay-Binche - Memorial Frank Vandenbroucke.

The route

Since changing the name to Binche-Chimay-Binche prior to the 2014 edition, virtually the same route has been used year by year, and this will again be the case this year.

Last year, there were in total 197.4 km on the program which could be divided into two parts. As the name suggests, both start and finish were located in Binche, the first part of the route consisted of a trip to Chimay and a subsequent return journey.

On the exit cyclists travel almost straight south all the way through mainly flat terrain until they reach Chimay and the southernmost point of the race, where an inlaid track is located, after 42.5 km. Then it goes back to the north, but this time the cyclist drive a little further east and wander more around the terrain, which gives rise to slightly more challenges. Therefore, they have to exceed the elevations Lacs de l'eau d'Heure (0.8 km, 6.5%), Cote des Violettes (0.5 km, 10.2%) and Petit Poggio (0.8 km, 5 , 9%), respectively. 65.8, 68.2 and 71.8 km, and after 97.8 km they pass through Thuin, which is known for its iconic cobbled wall.

After 115.9 km cyclists reach the town of Binche again and 13.5 km later they reach the final roundabout. 14.2 km later the line is crossed for the first time, and then the race is completed with four rounds on the well-known 16.2 km long section of the area southwest of the host city. The first four kilometers are rising slightly, while the other half is mainly falling. However, an unpleasant final awaits, as there are two cobblestones in the last two kilometers. The first of these is the 500 m long hill Rue de la Pepiniere, which has a peak of just 500 m from the line and increases by 4.4% on average. Then it flattens out on a short asphalt piece before the last pavé joins the last 200 m, which also rises quite weakly. The last two turns come with respectively. 2000 and 600 m to the finish.

The race offers a total of 2328 altitude meters.