IEM Beijing odds

Who wins CS:GO - IEM Season XIV - Beijing?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Team Liquid3.503.25
Evil Geniuses6.506.00
Team Vitality9.008.00
Faze Clan26.0021.00
Vici Gaming201.00201.00

CS:GO - IEM Season XIV – Beijing 2019

The best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams of today will once again step on one of the largest and most important territories in terms of electronic sports: the Haidian district in Beijing, China, in the Student Gymnasium of the University of Beijing, on November 7-10. The CS: GO - IEM Season XIV - Beijing 2019, is preparing to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) in which they accumulate a total of 77 tournaments held to date and has awarded a total of $ 11.5 million in prizes.

This time, picking up the number of teams from the first three editions of this 2019 with a total of eight participants. The organizers have already unveiled the first three teams invited to the tournament, the Americans of "Team Liquid", the Danish and always favorites of "Astralis" and the French of "Team Vitality", which, although recently they sent to the bank to Nathan "NBK- “Schmitt, the signature of Richard" Shox "Papillon is about to be confirmed and complete the roster to make his debut at the DreamHack Masters Malmö in October.

The format and the prize to be disputed will be the same as the past editions. Two groups of four teams of double elimination with matches with Bo3 format, the two best teams go to the next phase (playoff), in which the winners of each match will play the grand finals of the event in the mode of Bo5. The distribution of the prizes will be as follows:

The organizers said that in the coming days the two remaining guest teams will be announced and the last three will come from the GG.Bet Beijing Invitational, the Chinese Qualifier and finally the Asian Qualifier. It is still early to point out a possible winner of the event, but, knowing the first three guests already know where the shots are directed with respect to the tournament podium. The always favorite of "Astralis" and the number one team in the world according to "Team Liquid", will give everything in their cartridges to reach that grand finale and take that appetizing prize of $ 125,000.