Discus Throw men World Championships 2019 Odds

Who wins Men's Discus Throw at the World Athletics Championships 2019?

Daniel Ståhl1.181.16
Fedrick Dacres6.005.50
Andrius Gudžius9.008.50
Piotr Malachowski16.0013.00
Lukas Weishaidinger16.0015.00
Stunes Isene, Ola34.0034.00
Ehsan Haddadi36.0036.00
Simon Pettersson41.0041.00
Christoph Harting51.0051.00
Smikle, Travis51.0051.00
Lois Maikel Martínez67.0067.00
Martin Wierig67.0067.00
Mason Finley67.0067.00
Sam Mattis67.0067.00
Alin Alexandru Firfirica81.0081.00
Philip Milanov81.0081.00
Robert Urbanek81.0081.00
Apostolos Parellis101.00101.00
Wrobel, David101.00101.00
Khudyakov, Aleksey151.00151.00
Martin Kupper151.00151.00
Mauricio Ortega151.00151.00
Denny, Matt251.00251.00
Rose, Alex251.00251.00
Williams, Brian251.00251.00
Faloci, Giovanni351.00351.00
Fernández, Jorge351.00351.00
Wright, Chad351.00351.00
Di Marco, Nazzareno501.00501.00
Guðni Valur Guðnason501.00501.00
Stoj, Bartomiej751.00751.00
Trus, Viktar751.00751.00

Chang is aiming to qualify for this year's World Championships

After his success at the last year's IAAF World Under-20 championships, Chang is dead focused on making it into this year's world championship.

The gold medallist is pretty much confident of meeting the high bar that he had set for himself, but it's not going to be easy, as in-order to achieve his goal Chang will have to throw at least 65.00m (that is 7+m more than his personal best this year).

Talking about the World Championships, the 19 year old said that he is really serious on getting there and although many people doubt it at the moment but I’m pretty sure I’ll get it done.

His another big achievement last year was when he matched Fedric Dacres by throwing 62.36m to win a shock gold medal in Tampere, becoming one of the only two Jamaicans to achieve the feat. But Chang does not want to stop here, he wants to achieve more.

Talking about the last year's season, he said that the long season posed some very serious issues for him in this year's season, he had to deal with some injuries which slowed down his game, but now he says that he had overcome them and his game is finally getting better and better,.

Talking about his game, Chang said that among the many aspects of the game that he needs improvement speeding is the most important.

The 19 year old further said that since last year, he's getting many scholarship offers from US colleges and while he have visited some of the campuses officially, he's still not made a decision largely because it’s too early for decision making yet.

He said that he's looking forward to going throw all the options before settling on one. For now he's focused on how to get into this year's championship.