Dota 2 - ESL One Birmingham 2018 odds

Who wins ESL One Birmingham 2018?

Virtus Pro3.753.50
Team Liquid4.004.00
Vici Gaming7.005.75
Evil Geniuses13.0011.00
Optic Gaming21.0019.00
Lgd.Forever Young35.0031.00
Natus Vincere41.0041.00
Pain Gaming81.0050.00

An international gaming competition, the Electronic Sports League (ESL) fixture is set to have 12 teams fight it out for a for a $1 million prize pool and 1,500 qualifying points for The International 8 when thousands of fans take over the Arena Birmingham for three days (25-27th) in May.

Before we discuss the event first let’s get an insight into Arena Birmingham, a multi-purpose venue that hosts more than 100 events every year watched by more than half a million visitors. Its capacity can range from a maximum of 15,800 down to 2,464 for more intimate events. As for ESL, it’s a part of the international digital entertainment group MTG & is the world’s largest esports company.

Now coming to the game well described as “action with real-time strategy offering one battlefield, infinite possibilities", the ESL One Birmingham, powered by Intel, will feature twelve world class Dota 2 teams from around the globe battling it out with each other.

Six out of the 12 teams will be invited directly to participate, while the remaining six will be selected through online qualifiers open to teams in South America, Europe, North America, CIS, Southeast Asia and China. The event will consist of two stages:

Group Stage:


It will be the first time that a Dota 2 ESL One and Major combined event is to be held in the UK. Although Birmingham has already hosted other ESL UK events, including the ESL Arena which attracted 80,000 gamers to EGX 2017 at the NEC last year, but it’s the first time a tournament of this scale for the game will take place in the UK, as UK Dota 2 fans have previously had to travel to attend European ESL One events.

Pyrion Flax (real name Edward ‘Ted’ Forsyth) who has become a prominent Dota 2 commentator and streamer within the community will be one of the casters set to spearhead coverage of the event. According to him “this tournament represents a massive opportunity for the UK Dota 2 community to be acknowledged by the rest of the world, this tournament might be able to bring about a change in attitude within the community itself, inspiring future generations so the UK will finally have a Dota 2 team to compete on the international stage”.