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Elitloppet 2021

Elitloppet 2021 is going to be arranged as planned before. Solvalla has made the decision that Elitloppet 2021 is going take place during the last weekend of May in 2021 as it was planned previously. Moreover, the event is also going to be organized as per the traditions that have been followed prior.

An Insight into Elitloppet 2021

Elitloppet can be regarded as a type of annual festival or event that serves to be a sporting highlight for several Swedes. The organizers of the event are highly confident that they will be successful in conducting the event successfully in 2021 amid the ongoing pandemic. Solvalla CEO –Jörgen Forsberg, claims that they aim at conducting the event by keeping in mind the top-notch safety and health of the participants.

Since 1952, Elitloppet has been taking place every year. With only an exception to the first year of its organization, the event has always been on the run during the months of May or June. The annual Elitloppet weekend serves to be one of the largest folk festivals in Sweden. Given its immense popularity, the festival is known to draw the attention of around 40,000 to 50,000 visitors –including participants and other members.

Coronavirus & the Elitloppet 2021

Due to the ongoing pandemic and laws regarding the lockdown situation across the globe, there has been the implementation of several rules & regulations. As such, Solvalla & other horse racing tracks across Sweden have been closed for organizing public facilities since the time of 12th March 2020. The given arenas in the current time serve to be a strict workplace wherein people only having proper jobs are provided access. Until today, there has been made no official decision on what is going to be applied to the public seats upon the occurrence of Elitloppet 2021.

Elitloppet weekend is going to be broadcasted on Tv4 & TV12 across Sweden. At the same time, the event is also going to be broadcasted on the local ATG Live. In addition to Sweden, the annual event is also going to be broadcasted across 15 other countries.

Jörgen Forsberg explains that the entire society is currently facing tough times. The entire team of organizers aims to be humble while realizing that the occurrence of Elitloppet 2021 is not going to change the ongoing condition. As such, the team is enthusiast that the audiences will be capable of watching the fine races on the television.

Changes in the Subsequent Races

One of the biggest challenges with Elitloppet 2021 is that the Sweden Cup has been discontinued. The race, which otherwise remains open to as many as 21 horses featuring close proximity to the caliber of Elitloppet, is referred to as Little Elitloppet.

The viewers can look forward to the addition of foreign elite horses. As such, there are not going to be enough horses for arranging both the Elitloppet 2021 and Sweden Cup simultaneously. Moreover, a new form of direct race for qualifying for Elitloppet has been organized.