LEC Spring 2020 odds

Who wins LEC Spring 2020?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
G2 Esports1.501.45
Mad Lions15.0013.00
Misfits Gaming26.0023.00
Excel Esports101.0081.00
Schalke 04 Esports1001.00751.00
Sk Gaming1001.00751.00
Team Vitality2001.001001.00

Rejoice! Riot Games has finally announced that the highly anticipated second season of the rebranded European LoL league or LEC 2020 Spring Season will commence live from Riot’s studio situated in Berlin, Germany on 24th January. This time, every team has so much to gain (and lose) that all matches will undoubtedly carry the “Big Bout” feel.


As with most e-Sports tournaments, LEC 2020 Spring season’s group stage will also follow the double round robin format where all 10 teams will play 18 matches, with each one being a best of one. The six best performing teams will advance to the play-offs.

In the play-offs, every match will be a best of 5. The winner will secure a spot in the Mid-season Invitational 2020.

Every participating team will have a reserved spot in the summer split.

No more Splyce: 

LEC 2020 Spring season will not be featuring the Splyce team, since it was shut down by Overactive media. The team that will take its place in the upcoming tourney is MAD Lions. Apart from that, no other teams have been removed or added, so viewers can expect to see a lot of familiar faces, come January 2020.


The teams featured in the league consist of players representing different countries of Europe. As per the current roster, France and Poland have the most representatives in the tournament, with 6 players each. The hosting country Germany and South Korea have the next best representations, with 5 players each. 

How to Watch?

If you reside in Berlin or plan on making it to the city by January, it is best that you witness the tournament unfold live. Tickets for the first four games have already gone on sale. Tickets for rest of the games will surely become available in the coming weeks as well.

You can also live stream LEC 2020 Spring season on LoL Esports’ official YouTube channel, Riot Games’ official Twitch Channel and some other channels.

It’s all been leading to this. Make sure to catch the games live from January 24th on Fridays at 6 PM CET and Saturdays at 5 PM CET.