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Who wins the Lietuvos krepšinio lyga (LKL) 2021/2022?

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In Lithuania, basketball is the elite sport. This country is a true land of basketball, and the Lithuanian national team has been among the best teams in the world since this country was given independence from Soviet Union. The first season of the league started on 1993/94 season, and this league was the first professional sport league established in the country since its independence.

Even when they were part of Soviet Union, Lithuania had some elite players, and they brought their knowledge of the international and even NBA basketball into new national league. Šarūnas Marčiulionis, one of the best players outside of USA of all time, used his experience in NBA, as he was one of the first international players to play in NBA. He was founder and the first president of Lithuanian basketball league, and he applied some of the principles of the NBA to domestic league. For example, the league introduced draft system in Europe basketball, which was the first time in sports history that some league outside the USA has that practice. Although draft system remained only for the first season, the league’s financial terms and conditions ensured that only the most capable teams participate.

The league gathers 10 teams, and considering that basketball is absolute number one sport in the country, arenas are nicely filled with crowd. Average arena capacity of the league is 5,560 seats, and average attendance was 2,287 in the last season, which is 12,6% increase from the season before. Every city has its own basketball team, a thing also inherited from NBA. This helps the country and basketball federation to bring the game in every part of the country, making more and more base for future talents.