Long Jump women European Indoor Championships odds

Who wins Women's Long Jump at European Athletics Indoor Championships 2021?

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Athletics for Women: Long Jump


The participants run along a runway and jump as far as they can into a sandpit from a wooden take-off board 8in wide. The distance traveled by the participant, from the board edge to the closest indentation in the finely ground sand to it, is then measured.

A foul is committed, if the participants steps beyond the board. No distance is recorded in such situation.

Most championship events allow 6 jumps per athlete, although usually those with the shorter score are often disqualified after 3 attempts. If there is a tie between two jumpers, then the one with the next best score is declared the winner.

The Past:

There is evidence that the event was part of the Olympics in Ancient Greece, it was incorporated into the first modern Olympics Games in 1896.

Gold Standard:

USA has dominated both the men & women events at all games, the American female long jumper Reese has been the top athlete in the event in recent years, winning 6 global titles in a row between '09 and '13.


Heike Drechsler

She won 2 Olympic, 2 world and 4 consecutive European titles during a great career that lasted almost 2 decades. She also set 2 world records and finished her career with a best of 7.48 metres, which makes her the 3-best woman ever.

Galina Valentinovna Chistyakova

The current world record holder in the event, she 1st represented the Soviet Union and later Slovakia. The '89 World Indoor champion is also a former world record holder in the triple jump with 14.52m in '89.

Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Ranked among the all-time greatest athletes in the long jump as well as heptathlon, she won one gold, and 2 bronze Olympic medals, in long jump at four different Olympic Games. While 2 golds at 2 different World Championships.

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