Men's 4x10 mix relay Olympics Odds

Who will win men's 4x10 mix relay during the 2022 Olympics?

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The 2022 Winter Olympics and men's 4x10 mix relay

Mix relay is an exciting and straining event. Putting great importance on the ability to combine technique, team effort and all round athletic ability, it has become when of the true pinnacles in the world of cross-country skiing. With the 2022 Winter Olympics being just around the corner. It may be of interest to take a look at both this event in particular, and the world of cross-country skiing at large. This sport has grown from a Nordic past time to a world wide event and is now one of the most popular winter sports in the world.

Particularities of relay

Relay is, by definition, a team effort. This is somewhat unique in a world of sports that is becoming more and more focused on the individual. In looking at potential winners, we thus have to look beyond the current super star athlete and focus on countries performing as a team. In cross-country skiing relay, colors indicate individual athletes and points are represented by the time it takes for the last skier to finish counting from whenever the first skier started. And the track provides specific points where one team member switches the effort to a different team member. Working as a team is the only way to conquer the event.

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