50 km Olympics Odds

Who will win men's 50 km during the 2022 Olympics?

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Mass start is a both impressive and somewhat dangerous concept. Occurring in many sports, the idea is that instead of letting athletes compare individual times, all athletes start at the same time. Usually to the sound of a single gun shot. Skiers usually form several rows, and which row an individual is situated at depends entirely on his points from previous events. That means that being positioned in the back carries somewhat of a disadvantage.

Being able to apply initial explosive strength and then keep a flow through stamina is what separates a winner from a challenger. In this regard, no other country than Russia have a truly solid track record. But one shouldn't ignore the amazing ability of Norway's Petter Northug. But in this event, history has shown to be quite deceptive. Especially since the individual skiers ability to score points during previous events contribute to starting position.

Since the event requires a great deal of explosive strength in order to secure a head start. Lots of spectators view this as somewhat of a power house event. The idea being that the strongest skier will be able to secure such as position that the outcome of the event is actually decided during the first few seconds, or perhaps minutes. But no matter if you agree, the event will offer true suspension and draw a really large crowd.

Whether or not you're betting, watching or simply idly checking in. The 50 kilometers mass start will display some of the greatest aspects of long distance skiing. Taking the chance to view top athletes doing what they do best will surely provide memories for years to come.

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