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Who wins women's slalom during winter olympics 2022?

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Womens slalom in alpine skiing during the Winter Olympic Games of 2022 in Beijing follows a unique tradition. Even though events for women have been arranged since the 1930s, it isn't until more recently it has been established as an event in the Winter Olympic Games. The basic rules do not differ from slalom for men. Those who race must keep a high speed while going through poles, making a gate with a set width and distance.

But where things differ are when it comes to the placement of poles, the slope and the length of the skis. For women, the amount of gates are between 40 and 60 which are less than for men. Also, the slope is somewhat less and the equipment requirements are slightly different. During the season 2003 and 2004, the minimum length of womens skies were adjusted to 155 cm.

Even if modern slalom is a unique event, the sport itself has an ancient history that goes back to the Scandinavian countries snow covered landscapes. Even if cross country skiing is considered to be the mother of all skiing events, the classic technique of slalom has for a long time been a sure fire way to get down from slopes. And due to this, the Nordic countries have for a long time dominated the sport. But lots of the technical innovation comes from countries such as Italy. So, the modern variation is truly an international sport.

The more recent strict equipment requirements have served the purpose of turning slalom into a more safe sport. But it has also led to lots of criticism, since a lot of people feel that it makes the sport less interesting and makes it so todays athletes don't get to compete on the same terms as yesterdays athletes. But still, slalom continues to be a spectator favorite.

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