Super-G women Olympics Odds

Who wins women's super-G during winter olympics 2022?

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Super-G for women is probably to be considered on of the latest, and even most modern, alpine skiing sports at an Olympic level. It was first introduced during the late 80s but now, with the upcoming 2022 Winter Olympic Games, few would consider the event without Super G. It is closely related to alpine combined, in that it is a combination of downhill and giant slalom. But the differences are still several.

As the name suggests, Super-G is a high speed sport where widely placed ports make it so the skiers can achieve very high speeds. But what makes the event unique is that the skiers don't get a chance to map the route in advance. So they need a great ability to spontaneously read the path as they go, and alternate their speed in an unknown terrain.

The event has become associated with injures. Mainly due to the fact that the high speed makes it dangerous to fall. But to limit injuries, during 2004 the shortens allowed length of skiis was adjusted to 200 cm. No matter changes, Super-G requires a unique combination of technique, mental awareness,, risk taking and stamina. Lindsey Vonn is generally considered to be the best skier ever when it comes to womens Super-G.

Super-G has become a true spectator favorite. Probably due to the high speeds and extremely skilled athletes. But the costs have increased and the amount of sponsorship has according to some become extreme. Many feel that the increased costs have made the possibilities to win Super G very dependent on the amount of economical backing that's available. A counter argument is that it's still the individual athletes ability that will make it or break it. But no matter what, 2018 will give us extremely qualitative skiing at extreme speed.

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