Longest speech at Academy Award 2019 Odds

Giving out Oscar speeches is a tradition that goes way back in time and it serves as the opportunity for actors to address those who gave them the chance to play a certain character or inspired them to achieve something and pull out a great role. However, the artists being as powerful as they wrote stories and smaller speeches that saw them speak for several minutes. Greer Garson spoke for nearly six minutes at the 1943 Academy awards. On the other hand, the shortest speech was the one by Paty Duke in 1963 when she simply said “Thank you”.

Now acceptance speeches are limited at 45 seconds each (instated at the 2010 awards), but there have been exceptions to this rule. Matthew McConaughey spoke the longest though in modern history, with his 2014 Dallas Buyers Club winning speech containing a total of 549 words. In modern history we can all remember and recall famous Joe Pesci speech from 1991 Oscars, when he said just six words. “It was my privilege, thank you” was all the mumbling Tommy from “Goodfellas” said and he was awarded with standing ovation.

It is hard to assume which personality will hold the longest acceptance speech at the upcoming awards and whether that person will be the best actor or best actress is hard to incline. The year behind us was truly tremendeous and full of great events, which always trigger the celebrities to speak out and ascertain some of these events. Nowadays it is mostly politics or environment.

In the top ten of longest speeches in the history of the Oscars, it was six actors and four actresses that gave the longest speeches. The length and the topicality of the speech itself depends on the movie, so make sure to check out biopics, LGBT, war and historical movies. These topics prompt some serious back stories and serve as an inspiration for the actor or actress to provide long speeches.

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