Same movie best director and best picture?

Will the same movie win both the best director and best picture oscar?

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One of the most controversial awards at the Academy awards are Best Picture and Best Director. On paper, they are arguably the same category but there is a lot of difference between them if you think about it. While the best director usual highlights some technicalities in the movie (directing, adapting, plot etc), Best Picture is often the title given out to movie of the year, often voted by critics and movie experts across the world.

In recent years the gap between these two categories has increased and in many cases the awards don’t overlap. The reason behind this lies in the fact that every year now we have at least two movies that are rated as the best and the Academy tries to compensate, by giving awards to only one of these movies. In 2012 for example, Ben Affleck was not even nominated for Best Director for his movie “Argo”, but comfortably won the Best Picture award.

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