Wrong winner be announced at Academy Award

Last year's Academy awards brought us a very interesting moment just before the end of the show. Warren Beaty and his “Bonne & Clyde” co-star Faye Dunaway were about to deliver the news of who won the “Best Picture” for that year, but not everything went as planned. Beatty was holding the envelope confused as he proclaimed that the winner was “La La Land”, which will close the ceremony and make this movie the ultimate winner of the night. However, after some time, it was announced that there has been a mix-up in the envelops and that actual winner was “Moonlight”.

In fact, this is not the first time it has happened. Back in 1964, late musician Sammy Davis Jr. was asked to deliver the news about the Best Original Score Academy award, when he was given the wrong envelope as well. He pronounced the winner to be Tom Jones, when in fact he was not even nominated, which made the situation a lot easier for him. Later on, he was given the right envelope as he proceeded with the ceremony and announced the right winner (Andre Previn).

Some crazy odds appeared on the internet, as to whether such a mix-up could be possible once again. It is really hard to anticipate that similar event to happen again, but there are several facts that might be on the “mix-up” side. When you make an error of any kind, next time you can be extra careful and therefore be a subject of anxiety not to make the mistake again. There is a possibility that might happen again, should the producers of the show be in that state of mind.

In previous years, there has been many situations when the wrong winner was announced at live-television and at an Awards show of any kind. Steve Harvey made headlines back in 2015, when he wrongly called Miss Colombia the winner of the Miss Universe pageant. Even Jimmy Kimmel, host of last year’s Oscars, called that the “Harvey Moment”. There are many examples of this happening on similar award shows, but the possibility of that happening at the Oscars, twice in a row, is very unlikely.

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