Overwatch World Cup 2019 odds

Who wins the Overwatch World Cup 2019?

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Overwatch World Cup

The 2019 Overwatch World cup is hosted in Anaheim at the BlizzCon annually from 1st of November to 3rd of November.
The 2019 World cup determines who will compete by having three stages; preliminary rounds, group stages and playoffs. A country’s national ranking will be determined by a point ranking system based on final placements in the previous World Cups. Any country wishing to participate is eligible to play in the preliminary rounds, a single-elimination, seeded bracket.
Also the players representing each country were selected by their National Competition Committee; player try-outs were held from July 13 to July 14.

Teams to Watch Out For

South Korea

Obviously the 3 time world champions South Korea is a team you need to be paying attention too and I can see them yet again getting to the final but I feel as if there will be a different winner this year!
In my opinion when it comes to meta’s they stay away from, as a result they usually know the enemy team strategy which is always a good start!

South Korea’s Team

DPS                     Carpe

DPS                     Architect

DPS                     Haksal

Tank                   ChoiHyoBin

Tank                   Mano

Support             iDK

Support             Bdosin


Now I believe that Canada can take the championship this year, Canada came a close 3rd last year beating a very strong UK team 3-2 in the 3rd 4th place final.
Canada are using the same team as they did last year, but from watching each player play on their separate league teams I can tell they have really improved
Team Canada has a big personality on Twitch within their team that of xQc who’ll bring in a lot of fans from outside the Great White North

DPS                     Agilities

DPS                     Mangachu

Tank                   NotE

Tank                   xQc

Support             Bani

Support             Crimzo


I think all the Scandinavian countries are on the rise in terms of overwatch and I believe it’s between Finland and Sweden for teams that are borderline championship competitors Sweden finished 3rd in 2017, Sweden is more of a team for the supporters that want to watch a team progress through the years, I myself support the Sverige and can see them making a real push this world cup!

Sweden’s Team

DPS                     snillo

DPS                     Rat

DPS                     Erki

Tank                   ELLIVOTE

Tank                   LullSiSH

Support              Gustav

Support              Epzz

Ways to watch Overwatch

Twitch is a great source of viewing Overwatch and most people use it!

Overwatch World Cup Viewer -  “Watch live games alongside hundreds of thousands of other players around the world from all of the first or third-person, birds’, or worms’-eye views” – coming straight from Overwatch, if you want great quality and different view points this is the way to go.

Get to Know!

Overwatch was first made in 2017 with 8 teams taking part the eventual winners South Korea have gone on to win every single one of the 3 overwatch world cups since, they are searching for the quadruple golden medal this year

The Overwatch World Cup in 2018 accumulated a humongous 3,804,097 viewers throughout the 17 hours of stream time on Twitch, but unfortunately that is still a big sum of viewers lower than the previous year 2017 that accumulated 5,483,049 viewers over the 18 hours streamed on twitch.

Changes happening to 2019 World Cup 

This year there will be some changes to the way things are run, including holding all games in the tournament in Anaheim, California, rather than having smaller matches around the world.

Another change this year is that the Preliminary Rounds, these will take place before Blizzcon stars.
the Group Stage will take place in just one day, on Friday, Nov. 1, and multiple matches will be played at the same time in order to fit them all into the same day! Makes it all the better for us viewers! we’ve got a packed November 1st
Then on the 2nd the top six teams from the group stages will advance to a single match elimination playoff bracket where all the big guns play against each other!

The Overwatch World Cup is unique from Overwatch League since players from both the League and Contenders can compete for their home countries. In the past, the World Cup has presented an opportunity for expansion Overwatch League franchises looking to build their teams to scout new talent. However, this year, blizzard confirmed they were not going to expand the League in 2020 due to their home-and-away game plans

Twitch Streams to watch

Here are some Twitch streamers to watch if you would like to get to grips on competitive Overwatch so you can understand call outs or jargon when watching Overwatch World Cup/league.

xQc - When you think of Overwatch streamers, xQc is at the top of most people’s lists. Even before his MVP performance at the 2017 World Cup, xQc is known for his energetic and informative streams. Regardless of your feelings about the guy, he remains one of the most consistent Overwatch streamers around.

Link to xQc’s stream https://www.twitch.tv/xqcow

Harbleu - This former OW Pro still has it.
usually Harbleu picks the ‘Offtank’ selections such as Roadhog and D.Va.
He recently paid a visit to the Blizzard Arena during a Twitch event, indicating that he’s still interested in one day playing on the big stage.
Harbleu has also done a marathon stream before of 25 hours straight! If you are looking for top 500 players and regular streamers this guy wraps them all into one!

Harbleu Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/harbleu