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Who wins StarCraft II - WCS Global Finals 2019?

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What You Need to Know About the StarCraft II - WCS Global Finals 2019

One of the first major series to be transformed in an eSports sensation, Star Craft II is continuing the traditions established by its forebear.

The StarCraft II World Championship Series (WCS) returns for the Global Finals 2019 this November 2019 in Anaheim, California. Organized by none other than the game’s developer and publisher Blizzard, WCS Global Finals 2019 will feature a total of sixteen of the best Star Craft II players from around the world, including eight players from WCS Korea, eight others from WCS Circuit, and the IEM Katowice Champion.

All of them will be competing for the prize of WCS Global Finals 2019, easily the top tier of Star Craft II titles. Broadcast via traditional carriers AfreecaTV, DreamHack, ESL and StarLadder, the WCS Global Finals 2019 will have a $USD 2 million prize pool spread out across various events.

For many, it is considered an honor just to be chosen to participate, let alone win the entire thing. Given the complexity of Star Craft II as a game, that is not a surprise. Featuring one of three in-game races that each have their own strengths and weaknesses, Star Craft II eSports’ matches are anything but boring. Entertaining an audience is easy, winning is not.

But winning is the goal after all and we can expect some heated and tough competition from the players that make it to the competition in Cali this fall. After all, that’s what the qualifying rounds are for - to weed out the best from the rest and this season’s contenders are some of the best ever to take to an eSports arena.

To qualify for the WCS Global Finals 2019, players have to win one of the six tournaments put on this year which will guarantee them a spot in the Finals. Outside of that, players can qualify through earning points by participating in WCS leagues that are held throughout the year though a tournament win is the most surefire way to get a berth in the WCS Global Finals 2019. Players initially compete in a group stage format with the eight remaining going on to the Global Finals of the World Championship Series of Star Craft II.

The global playoffs are four groups of four players seeded by WCS Korea and circuit accumulated points in a best of three dual tournament format with the best two players from each group going forward to the Global Finals. For the Global Finals, the tournament takes on a more intense approach with a single elimination bracket and best of seven matches to determine the winner.

Matches are expected to be especially intense as this year’s contenders represent nothing less than the best. The Finals themselves will carry a massive $500,000 prize pool though, as we outlined above, there are multiple opportunities for teams to earn some money competing in Star Craft II’s biggest tournament. Whether or not we will see the same faces as last year remains to be seen as the competition this year is showing a marked tenacity compared with last year’s historically competitive tournament.