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What You Need to Know About World Esports League 2019 Finals

The League of Legends’ World Esports League 2019 Finals will be coming to Paris for 2019 and it couldn’t be more hyped if we tried. Taking place in the Accor Hotels in Paris on November 10, World Esports League 2019 Finals promises to be the biggest yet and is going all out in terms of prizes and sponsors with MasterCard, Alienware, and Secretlab leading the charge among name brand companies to fund it all.

Riot’s announcement of the World Esports League 2019 Finals in Paris doesn’t really come as a shock to anyone who is paying attention to the scheduling of League’s biggest events. Though the World eSports League 2019 Finals is returning to Europe, it will be the first time since 2015’s championship in the Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin according to the eSports Observer. Two events before the Finals will be held in the Spanish capital of Madrid on October 26 through 27 and November 2 through 3. Those two epic weekends will be taking place at Spain’s Palacio Vistalegre. After that, Riot Games will have a play-in stage at LEC Studios in Berlin on October 2 through 5 and October 7 through 8. This will be followed up by a massive event in Berlin on October 12 through 15 and October 17 through 20 at Berlin’s Verti Music Hall.

Riot Games Global Head of LoL Esports John Needham bubbled with enthusiasm for the upcoming events, saying in a press release that, “The League of Legends World Championship is the pinnacle of esports. We are driven by the desire to bring joy to tens of millions of fans all over the globe, and these three amazing cities will provide unique settings for all to experience League of Legends esports at its best.”

The World Esports League 2019 Finals will continue its global march with next year’s events planned for the United States with the year after that being scheduled in the People’s Republic of China according to Riot Games. If anything underscores how much of a global phenomenon League is, the presence it has on the world stage in eSports should do that.

The play-in stage consists of 12 teams grouped into four based upon seeding with double round robin and matches being the best of one. The top two teams from each of these groupings of four will then go on to the second round.

The second round is also called a Knockout Stage as the losing team is eliminated with matches being the best of five and the winners advancing to the main event. In the main event, 16 teams total will participate in four groups of four with best of one matches and double round robin with another Knockout Stage that is a single-elimination best of five match set up with pairings drawn at random. As you can already see, the amount of opportunities for an underdog team to strike it big and overcome expectations is quite large given how the World Esports League 2019 Finals are structured.