PdA odds – Get the Best Odds at Prix d'Amerique

Prix d'Amerique

Who wins Prix d'Amerique 2021?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Face Time Bourbon1.751.75
Davidson Du Pont3.753.50
Delia Du Pommereux14.0013.00
Gu D'heripre25.0017.00
Vivid Wise As25.0025.00
Moni Viking30.0025.00
Bahia Quesnot35.0035.00
Diable De Vauvert50.0045.00
Falcao De Laurma50.0050.00
Looking Superb50.0050.00
Fleche Du Yucca75.0075.00
Chica De Joudes85.0065.00
Feerie Wood85.0065.00
Victor Ferm100.0050.00
Tony Gio100.0085.00
Billie De Montfort100.00100.00
Erminig D'oliverie100.00100.00
Eugenito Du Noyer100.00100.00
Carat Williams125.0095.00
Valokaja Hindo200.0095.00
Feeling Cash200.00200.00

Prix d'Amerique 2021 - Place betting (1-3)

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Face Time Bourbon1.301.30
Davidson Du Pont1.501.50
Delia Du Pommereux3.003.00
Gu D'heripre3.853.85
Moni Viking3.853.85
Vivid Wise As4.504.50
Bahia Quesnot5.755.75
Diable De Vauvert7.507.50
Billie De Montfort9.509.50
Chica De Joudes12.5012.50
Feerie Wood12.5012.50
Tony Gio15.0015.00
Victor Ferm16.0016.00
Carat Williams20.0020.00
Feeling Cash40.0040.00
Valokaja Hindo40.0040.00

Prix d’Amerique - All You Need to Know

Started in 1920, Prix d’Amerique is one of the most popular trotting races organized in Paris, France. The event is held mainly to pay homage to the US troops for their contribution during the Great War. Ever since the event started in the early 90s, it has witnessed 18 champions. It is organized at Vincennes racecourse and the event is broadcasted live in 30 countries. The race has prize money of a million euros. The champion winner of the race gets 500,000 euros. The event brings 150 artists from different backgrounds together.

The History of Prix d’Amerique and its Significance in France

This trotting race is organized every year in January. It has been taking place in Paris every year (except for 1940 and 1941 due to World War II). As mentioned above, the main purpose of this harness race is to thank the United States and honor all the troops that gave their contribution to France during the First World War. Today, it has become one of the world’s most prestigious and popular races.

This year, the event was held at the same venue in January 2020. Belina Josselyn, (the previous year’s winner of this harness race) competed with 17 artists. People celebrated the 100 year anniversary of the Prix d’Amerique race in 2020. The 18 players had to complete 2,700 meters for the prize money of a whopping 900,000 euros. The event attracted a large crowd of more than 40,000 people. Over 40 million euros were gambled. Even though the event is mainly held to honor American troops, only 3 Americans have won it in 100 years.

How the Event is Held and the Winner of PdA in 2020

The entire track for the race is decorated with the American flag (in order to pay homage to the United States for their efforts and contribution to France during World War I). The track is covered with red, blue, and white colors with the stripes as well as stars of the American flag. It might be seen as just a trotting or harness race to the audience. However, it holds a great significance since the event is associated with the First World War.

Around 11 races were conducted at the Vincennes racecourse, among which, seven were graded stakes. The event usually takes place at noon. It starts with the young drivers, flag bearers, motorcycles, dancers, acrobats, and other artists. This year, the audience witnessed a surprise party for the 100th anniversary of Prix d’Amerique. Each participant is introduced to the audience individually on the racing track. Face Time Bourbon won the race this year. It had been the talk of the town before the race began. This 5-year-old horse won the race 18 times in 2 years. The driver of this stallion, Björn Goop, had been the winner of the Prix d’Amerique in 2018. Surprisingly, the horse gave a wonderful performance this year. It won the first prize worth a million dollars.