Best Picture Academy Award 2018 Odds

Which movie wins the Academy Award for Best Picture at the Academy Award 2018?

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri2.001.85
Lady Bird4.004.00
The Shape Of Water7.005.00
Get Out11.0011.00
The Post15.0011.00
Call Me By Your Name18.0017.00
Darkest Hour51.0034.00
The Florida Project51.0034.00
All The Money In The World51.0051.00
I, Tonya51.0051.00
The Greatest Showman51.0051.00
Phantom Thread67.0041.00
The Disaster Artist67.0051.00
Blade Runner 204981.0067.00
Molly's Game81.0067.00
The Big Sick81.0081.00
Baby Driver101.0081.00
Battle Of The Sexes101.00101.00
Goodbye Christopher Robin101.00101.00
Last Flag Flying101.00101.00
Roman Israel, Esq101.00101.00
Roman J. Israel, Esq.101.00101.00
The Beguiled101.00101.00
The Current War101.00101.00
The Fate Of The Furious101.00101.00
The Lost City Of Z101.00101.00
The Mountain Between Us101.00101.00
War For The Planet Of The Apes101.00101.00
Wonder Woman101.00101.00
Beauty And The Beast151.00101.00
Murder On The Orient Express151.00101.00
Star Wars: The Last Jedi151.00101.00
All Eyez On Me151.00151.00
Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2201.00201.00

Academy Awards are considered the greatest honor in the world of acting and the winners are assured a place in the Hollywood and movie hall of fame. In recent years, Oscars have increased on controversy and have awarded a lot of topical movies with LGBT, biopics and American civil movies taking most of the awards. 2018 threatens to be no different and with some of major film festivals behind us at the moment, we can catch a glimpse over the favorites to take the award home.

Cannes, Sundance, Berlin and Venice Film Festival are considered the be the crème de la crème of movie festivals where most of the movies get their early screenings, before being discussed among movie critics and experts. So far these movies have presented themselves to be those of top quality and Oscar-caliber.

One of the most anticipated movies of this year surely is “The Papers”, by one particular director called Steven Spielberg. Armed with a truly amazing cast, Spielberg lines up Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks in this thriller/drama movie about American history and their involvement in the Vietnam War. The cast has Oscar written all over it and it will certainly go as one of the top candidates for the Best Picture award, among others.

Biopics of an important historical figure is something Hollywood has always been found of and the movie “The Darkest Hour” is an example of this movie. Joe Wright directed the movie about one of the most significant leaders in the 20th century, Winston Churchill. Some early releases showed Gary Oldman being practically unrecognizable in this role and he will be a shoe-in for the Best Actor award and the movie itself is expected to compete at the highest level, Best Picture being among them.

“Call me by your Name” was released in January for the purpose of the Sundance film festival and it left many critics astonished, keeping a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Produced and distributed by Netflix, the movie presents another LGBT powered movie, which might trigger the feelings of the Academy. While it relatively rare that movies released in the first quarter of the year get the attention on the Academy awards, this movie is heavily tipped to get nominated on multiple categories, including Best Picture.

Period pieces are generally very well received in the world of movie business and this one surely has a stamp for an Oscar nomination and possibly a win. “Detroit” was released in August and it portrays the events in Detroit’s 12th Street Riots fifty years ago. The movie features a relatively young cast, with the most household name being Anthony Mackie, but the direction by Kathryn Bigelow was praised the most in this movie. She has already tasted the joy of winning an Academy award for best picture so we have no doubts that she will be aiming high this time as well.

The Academy Awards are now less than six months away but these movie have been dominating the news cycle so far. It would be a huge surprise if any other movie besides these, win this humble award.