La Liga 2018-19 odds

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Who wins La Liga 2018-19?

Real Madrid13.009.00
Atlético Madrid21.0013.00
Athletic Bilbao4501.001.00
Celta Vigo4501.001.00
Espanyol Barcelona4501.001.00
Rayo Vallecano4501.001.00
Real Betis4501.001.00
Real Sociedad4501.001.00

When talking about Spanish football, the first association is certainly the fight between maybe the two World best teams Barcelona and Real Madrid. The 2017/18 season definitely belonged to Barcelona and Lionel Messi. In the 2018/19 season, we expect the battle between these clubs to be even more fierce and uncertain. Certainly there is no doubt that these two teams are the main favorites for winning the title, but of course, we must not forget Atletico Madrid and Valencia that are always favorites in the shadow.

This season Primera could really be very balanced when it comes to the middle of the table, so we have included in this category as many as eight teams. Of course, not all teams of the same quality and it is certain that some of this group might even be close to European positions, while some might come to defeat and end up in a struggle for survival, and both in the previous seasons have happened. Villarreal, Sevilla, Betis, Getafe, Real Sociedad, Celta Vigo, Espanyol and Ath. Bilbao are going to lead a difficult and uncertain fight in the middle of the table. But, of course, here are not excluded the other teams as well as the teams that will come from the second Spanish league.

In the next season we will have other news in Spanish football. Video assistant referee (VAR) technology will be implemented in La Liga for the start of next season, the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has confirmed that. VAR allows referees the opportunity to review an incident with the help of video footage, which improves their chances of getting decisions correct.This means that with this move La Liga joins the German Bundesliga and Italian Serie A in bringing the technology into, as the Spanish authorities look to eradicate controversies. Certainly it will not reduce the heat in the fight and the uncertainty in the matches in Spanish La liga. Maybe just in the next season, Barcelona will be able to do what has failed in this, to win the title without any defeat or maybe Real Madrid is even more motivated or maybe in the next season someone will stop the domination of these two clubs in Spain. Of course from now starts talks about the transfer period and the activity of the Spanish clubs in it. Already some big football stars are linked with Spanish clubs. Maybe after the transfer period we will have clearer picture of power and possibilities of the clubs.

All this is enough to keep our attention on Spanish football and Spanish clubs throughout the summer.