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Who wins Bundesliga 2021/2022?

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Season 2020/21 is almost over in Germany’s Bundesliga and it is not very different from many previous seasons in this league. Bayern Munich now we can say easy and with little fight from the opponents manage to become a leader on the table and later just keep the first place for most of the season. It is 30th trophy for the Bavarian team in the league. RB Leipzig were in the title race for a long time but in the second part of the season Bayern showed class and strength to go up several points leaving all the opponents behind. The race though for the European spots is wide open. For place in UEFA Champions League are fighting Wolfsburg, E. Frankfurt, Bor. Dortmund and B. Leverkusen while Bor. Monchengladbach and Union Berlin are hoping to finish on a place that leads to UEFA Europa League next season.

The fight in the lower part of the table is also wide open and tight. Schalke 04 is already relegated with only 2 wins so far in this season while Mainz, Augsburg, W. Bremen, A. Bielefeld, FC Koln and Hertha are fighting avoid relegation or at least to play in the playout after regular part of the season is over.

The season 2021/22 will begin on 13 August and will finish on 14 May 2022. As usual 18 teams will participate in the league. Bayern Munich is of course first candidate to win the league and it is confirmed that new manager will take charge in the European champion next season as Flick is set to be new manager of national team of Germany. Julijan Nagelsmann the current RB Leipzig will take charge of the giant from Munich and he will have to do very very good job because Flick has won everything with this team in one season.

Many things will be changed in both Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig during this summer but it is expected these two teams alongside Borussia Dortmund to fight for the trophy next season. Bor. Dortmund has also confirmed that they will have new manager and he is also already managing a team from Bundesliga. Marco Rose from the other Borussia will become new manager of Bor. Dortmund and if this team manage to keep Haaland they will for sure be more dangerous next season. Of course, we can’t take away chances for winning the league to the other teams but so far these 3 teams looks like the most serious title contenders.

Bochum and G. Furth will most likely be new members of Bundesliga and the 3rd participant will be known after the playoff is finished where the 3rd placed team from Bundesliga 2 will meet the 16th placed team from Bundesliga.

However, with all these changes of managers the league won’t be same next year and the transfer window is yet to be open so we can be sure that these managers will try to sing many new players to compose teams capable of winning the title.

Beside all this the biggest change we all hope will be made is returning of the fans to the stadiums because the league and the football is not the same without the fans.