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Who wins the Eurovision Song Contest 2021?

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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

The 2021 Song Contest will still take place in Rotterdam after the Netherlands won the competition in 2019 with Arcade.

"The Eurovision Song Contest will definitely make its welcome return this May despite the pandemic but, in the prevailing circumstances, it is regrettably impossible to hold the event in the way we are used to," executive supervisor Martin Österdahl said.

The contest is going to take place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Last year, due to COVID-19 pandemic, Eurovision was canceled. This year, the organizing side stated that the format would depend on the epidemic situation in the Netherlands.

San Marino are hoping for a boost to their chances at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest with what seems to be a guest appearance from Flo Rida on its entry Adrenalina by Senhit. It’s unknown if – and unlikely – the rapper will make the journey to Rotterdam for the contest but he has a verse in a version of the song.

Russia welcomed the selection show on March 8th. The last-year favorite performers of the contest Little Big withdrew the qualifying round. The group decided that their new song would be compared with the last-year entry Uno rather than with songs of other participants and it would lead to a failure. Nevertheless, singer Manizha will represent Russia in the Netherlands. She will sing Russian Woman.

“Amnesia” features Roxen’s famous raspy tones, with a slice of modern and stunning energy. The vocals of Romania’s singer fit perfectly with the tone of the song. Her youthful sound also contributes beautifully to the modern vibe of the song. Fans of her 2020 entry will certainly love “Amnesia” despite its differences. As with “Alcohol You”, there is the same vulnerability and delicate nature.

The 71st edition of Italy’s Sanremo Music Festival has come to an end with a twist: rock band Måneskin won the crown and the traditional leoncino — the little golden lion awarded to the sanremese winner. The quartet launched by X Factor Italy immediately caught the audience’s attention with electrifying performances of their powerful entry “Zitti e buoni”, but they were not on the podium in the provisional ranking before the start of the final, reached instead thanks to the support of the televote.

Armenia made a decision to withdraw the contest this year. In an official statement, broadcaster AMPTV says: “After careful and detailed discussions, the Public Television Company of Armenia has decided to withdraw from the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, considering the latest events, the shortness of production time as well as other objective reasons that make the proper participation of Armenia at ESC 2021 impossible.”

To ensure safety as the pandemic continues, all those attending from abroad are recommended to quarantine for five days before flying to the Netherlands, and must test negative for Covid-19 at most 72 hours before they fly. Everyone working in the Ahoy Arena, including crew, artists and press, will be tested regularly in a special facility next to the arena, with the testing strategy based on the guidelines of the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport in the Netherlands.