Premier League To Finish Bottom odds

Premier League To Finish Bottom odds

Premier League 2019/2020 To Finish Bottom

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Aston Villa21.0021.00
West Ham501.00401.00

To finish at bottom

The relegation battle is tight and uncertain in every season of Premer League. Very rarely some clubs were relegated early in the season, usually the fight goes to the very last rounds of the competition.

Norwich is a returner to the company of the best, except that they have not been away for too long. They spent three seasons in the Championship and were able to return in great style. They conquered the strongest Second League in the world, although they started the championship very poorly and were not favorites. They were also the most efficient as well as the league’s best visiting squad. All of this is now behind Norwich, and they face much more difficult Premier League challenges and it will not be easy at all. German expert Daniel Farke remains as a manager and given that he is quite young but also inexperienced for such a strong league, it is clear that he has a very difficult task. That they dominated last season in the Championship doesn't have to mean anything in the Premier League. The competition is now much stronger and Norwich has to get used to the defeats and survival struggle that is very likely to follow, and also there is additional preassure on them as they are considered as main candidates to finish at the bottom of the table.

After a full 12 years, Sheffield United returned to the Premier League, and in the meantime this club has really been in deep crisis. They even spent six seasons in third rank of English football, returning to the Championship in 2017 and being 10th in the first season. Last season they have finally played well enough to eventually win second place and were promoted directly in the company of the best. Practically since the beginning of the season they have been in positions that are leading to the playoffs, but most often in second or third place. Now they have a great challenge to preserve their Premier League status, not to be repeated in 2007 when they dropped out immediately after entering the elite class of English football. With these players it will be really difficult for them to survive, and even with a few more potential reinforcements, Sheffield United is doomed to have a grueling fight for survival and if they succeed, it will be a great success for this team. According to bookmakers they are next favourites for finishing at the bottom of the table after Norwich.

Brighton is another team that spent the entirety of last season in the bottom half of the standings, but this team’s last season can be split into a solid first half and a desperately bad second half, that could end up costing them a lot. They finished the championship with eight rounds without a triumph and with only two points more than the relegation zone. In the end, it turned out to be good, with all that having to be a great lesson ahead of a new season in which they are likely to struggle for survival. It would be ideal if they repeated the first part of last season, and it would be disastrous if they play as in the second part of the last season. They are the third main candidate for finishing on the bottom of the table and to be relegated.