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Who wins group C at the EuroBasket 2022?

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Great Britain

Group C

The C group will be hosted by Italy, including Milan and the Mediolanum Forum. The facility, which can accommodate 12,700 people, was built in 1990 and has been the home of EA7 Emporio Armani Milano since then. It was first renovated in 2014 for the then-Euroleague final, and in 2017, the ice dance and short-track speed skating competitions of the 2026 Winter Olympics will also take place here.

For the host of the group, Italy has an interesting framework. Among the old players, Luigi Datome and Danilo Gallinari are past the peak of their careers, but they may still be capable of deciding matches. Nicolo Melli and Achille Polonara, who changed Fenerbahce to Efes, are reliable at a very high level (Amedeo Tessitori, Giampaolo Ricci, and Paul Biligha maybe a step lower), but Stefano Tonut, Amedeo Della Valle and Simone Fontechhio are clearly at the zenith of their careers - Tonut in 2021, Della Valle became the MVP of the Italian league this year, and Fontecchio was recently signed by the Utah Jazz. We also have the youngsters in the form of Nico Mannion, Alessandro Pajola, Gabriele Procida, and Matteo Spagnolo, who was also selected in this year's NBA draft, so this is a particularly attractive team - and of course, the Italians' performance ranges over a very wide range, we were used to this from them in the past. Meo Sacchetti's team won group B of the European qualifiers even without a bet (4-2) ahead of the Russians and Estonians, and in the World Cup qualifiers, they finished first in group H (3-1), beating Iceland and the Netherlands.

Greece is another favorite of the group, although as with the team Spain, there are also great old players with the Greeks, there will be neither Spanoulis nor Printezis. Kostas Sloukas, Kostas Papanikolaou, Nick Calathes, and 2021 Greek MVP Ioannis Papapetrou are the most experienced, they are left over from the previous team. Of course, there is the NBA champion and MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo with all three of his brothers, Kostas, Alex, and Thanasis - of the post, it would be surprising if everyone stayed in the 12. It is a big question what Giannis' style of play will be worth in European basketball, and how he will be able to work together with Sloukas and Calathes, because he needs the ball in his hands, and this has not always been successfully solved with the national team. It has also happened in Greece that sometimes less was more, and the role of Dimitrios Agravanis - Georgios Papagiannis, who played especially well in the World Cup qualifiers, is questionable with the arrival of big names, but the team of two-time Euroleague winner Dimitrios Itoudis must advance from this six. The Hellenes finished in second place behind Bosnia-Herzegovina in Group H of the European Championship qualification (4-2), which is how they got here, but they won Group B of the World Cup qualifier in front of the Turks (3-1).

Croatia was the biggest riddle of the entire group before the continental competition. In February 2021, the team made it to the European Championship by going to the last bubble with a 4-0 score, as a sure advance, and despite its two defeats, it won Group D (4-2) in front of the Dutch and the Turks. However, Miro Bilan, from the backbone of that team, retired from the national team, and during the World Cup qualifiers, it became clear that Croatian basketball does not have the depth to withstand the lack of NBA players and Euroleagues... and even with them, the car does not move immediately. Croatia didn't even make it to the second group round of the World Cup qualifiers after suffering a 28-point defeat against Slovenia, with the addition of Bojan Bogdanovic, Mario Hezonja, Ante Zizic, and Ivica Zubac, and then losing to Finland - it would have been enough to beat the latter to advance. Dario Saric missed the entire season due to his ACL tear, he had to have another operation on his knee in May, and he only started training with the contact at the beginning of July - it is also questionable whether he will play, and if so, in what condition he is. Krunoslav Simon, who left Efes after 5 years, and Jaleen Smith, the defender of the German champion Alba Berlin, the 2021 German MVP, can help, but the Croatians have not (or not only) had a problem with names, they have no easy task Damir Mulaomerovic federal to captain.

Ukraine at the moment is difficult to concentrate only on basketball - it can have a positive or negative effect on the team, but it is impossible to say in advance what the current war situation will bring out of the players. Sacramento Kings center Alex Len and Artem Pustovyi, are the strengths of the team. They, along with Toronto defenders Sviatoslav Mikhailiuk and Denis Lukashov, will have to shape the team. Even though they may not have such big names and you can't prepare for one of them - Viacheslav Bobrov or Ivan Tkachenko, in the same way, can be a winner like those listed above, but this is true for several other players, even if they are not permanent pullers. Their strength is usually in unity, which may be even more true in the current situation. They are not in a bad shape anyway, they showed this in the World Cup qualifiers in the last window: they take 3-3 to the next group stage, after defeating Georgia and North Macedonia and losing only one point to Spain, which is an encouraging sign. 

Great Britain's national team is a bit similar to the Belgians: they don't have outstanding names at the European level, but the big teams have to be careful with them too. Their best-known players are Myles Hesson and Gabriel Olaseni - the former spent a decade in the German and French top teams, and currently plays basketball in Japan, while the latter is the tall man of Darüssafaka. If he is in the squad, Tarik Phillip may be familiar from the 2017/18 season from Szolnok, and Devon van Oostrum's name still sounds good - however, the career of the former Baskonia savior is dotted with injuries and shows a rather downward trajectory. Nate Reinking's team performed exceptionally well in the European qualifiers, as they finished second in Group G with the same record as the French (4-2), ahead of Montenegro (3-3) and Germany (1-5), so they cannot be underestimated at all. Other question,

Estonia on paper is the weakest member of the group, but this should be treated with caution - neither the Ukrainians nor the British represent such playing power that they can be placed above the young Estonian team. There is a generational change in Estonian basketball, which nothing shows better than the fact that 22-23-year-old players are their nicknames. Sander Raieste has been training at Baskonia since he was 17, and Maik Kotsar has just transferred there from Hamburg. Mikk Jurkatamm plays basketball for Treviso, Kristian Kullamäe has been a Burgos player for two years, and Kaspar Treier has also been playing for Sassari for two years, and except for Kotsar, none of them have yet turned 24 - Kotsar is also only 25. Only Henri Drell is also 22 years old, and was chosen as the best offensive player of the round of 16 of the Italian Cup at the time - now he plays for the Chicago Bulls G-League team. Medi Bayreuth's basketball player, Janari Joesaar, is almost a veteran at 28 years old, and Siim-Sander Vene, who has spent the last few years in the Italian and Spanish elite, is a veteran. Jukka Toijala's team finished in third place in Group B ahead of North Macedonia (2-4), thereby reaching the continental tournament, and they also advanced to the World Cup qualifiers, at the expense of Poland - they cannot be written off.

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