To Stay Up Odds

To Stay Up odds

To Stay Up (Not be Relegated) in Premier League 2021

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Who’s Staying Up In The 2020/21 Season?

It’s a foregone conclusion that all the main teams who finish in the first half of the league will survive, so there won’t be any focus on them. You mainly have to focus on who is always down at the foot of the table fighting for their lives to see who’s surviving. Whether it’s a financial issue, or team issue, the usual teams seem to crop up. As Bournemouth, Watford and Norwich head down to the Championship, we see two very familiar teams return in terms of recent years, in West Brom and Fulham, but it’s Leeds United that are the only team of the three newcomers that looks to have a solid chance of staying in the Premier League.

Below are a few teams that may struggle, and a team that should comfortably survive. I feel each will still be a Premier League club come the end of the 2020/21 season.

Aston Villa

If it wasn’t for a goal line technology malfunction, Aston Villa would be down. Priced at 80 million, you can’t see many clubs fighting over Jack Grealish. A talented player, but one that will likely remain at Aston Villa for the upcoming season. With the team now one year older and had a full season of experience in the Premier League, they do have a chance of surviving. Their side is good enough to stay up, and they should if they can keep their captain.

Leeds United

The return of Leeds to the Premier League is a great sight to see. After a long 16 year wait, they bring a strong side with them, and a world class manager in Marcelo Bielsa. The club has a fight in them that I haven’t seen in quite some time. There likely won’t be a lot of change within the team and they already have enough to comfortably survive in this league. If they add a striker, they’ll have no problems at all.

Newcastle United

A team a lot have picked to be relegation candidates. They will struggle, but I feel they have enough to survive. With billionaire backers withdrawing interest from taking over the club, they likely won’t have a large transfer budget again. They need Joelinton to be firing this season. The striker that was brought in for £40 million last season has been disappointing, but it happens a lot to players in their first season in a new league. If he kicks on this season, Newcastle have a great chance of survival.

West Ham

A team that should be much better than they’ve shown in recent seasons. They have a strong squad about them, but if they do struggle, it likely will result in a managerial change. Antonio was the difference that kept them up at the end of the 2019/20 season, and he is a real handful for defenders. If they can build on that, with a better back line, they shouldn’t really be in the position they constantly find themselves.

Other teams such as Burnley, Sheffield United and Southampton should have no issue staying up. I don’t feel Leeds will be anywhere near the bottom of the table either, but they had to be mentioned as it’s their first season back in the top flight for a long time. West Ham, Newcastle and Aston Villa will struggle this season again, but all have a chance of survival. If I were to bet on a team to survive, other than Leeds, it’d be West Ham. The fact that they have a strong side that always seems to underperform means they do have problems among them, but they survive each and every season. David Moyes might not be in charge come the end of the season, but West Ham will be a Premier League club come the end of 2020/21.