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Who wins Tour de Suisse 2019?

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Tour de Suizze 2019

This tour is held in Switzerland. Basically, this tour is a road bicycle road which took place annually there. It starts in the mid of the July and usually takes nine days to its completion or a couple of weeks. This race is one of the dominant and foremost cycling races, and other event established after two weeks of Tour de Suizze which is called as towards France. This amazing race inaugurates since 1933. It has particular timing, destination, stages, and durations and has much sponsorship.

From 1933, this race occurs annually independently, but since 2011, it became a part of UCI world tour. UCI is the men’s cycling road that many concise continents and a lot of participants. The union organized many races bestow the facility of annual ranking based on the performance of participants.

Tour de Suizze 2019, beginning from 15th June and end up on 23rd June 2019 with the queen stage.

Recent winners of Tour de Suisse

The winner of 2014 is Rui Costa (POR)

The winner of 2015 is Simon Spilak(Slo)

The winner of 2016 is Miguel Angel Lopez(col)

The winner of 2017 is Simon Spilak (Slo)

The winner of 2018 is Richer Porte (Aus).

Stages of Tour de Suisse 2019

Following are the stages of tour de Suisse 2019.

1. Langnau to Langnau 9.5 km

2. Langnau to Langnau 168.6 km hills

3. Flamatt to Murten 162.3

4. Murten to Arleshem 163.9

5. Munchenstein to Einsiedeln 177 Km hills

6. Einsiedeln to Flumserberg 120.2 Km Mountains

7. Unterterzen to Gotthard passes 216.6 Km mountains

8. Goms to Goms 19.2 Km

9. Ulrichen to Ulrichen 177.4 Km Mountains

Above stages contains lots of hurdling areas. Mainly adverse climatic conditions make the race somehow difficult.

Routes of Tour de Suisse 2019

Tour of Suisse’s routes is extraordinary. They offer incredible journeys throughout the country’s different regions and locations.

On Saturday 15 June, there are 21 teams of participants with overwhelming passions start the 83rd edition of Tour de Suisse in langnau. They move passionately towards the Zeeland in a clockwise direction. Then over the Jura Mountains, they reach at a base region then grisons to Ticino eventually reach Alp with a glorious finish.

The amazing fact of this year route is, it has no long transfers.

Tour of Suisse again give the opening in Langnau, and the incredible scenes make the watchers amazed.

Tds bike expo and tds kids also world there to enhance the attractions of this huge event.

Favorites of 2019

Along the start of the year, people with lots of excitement and exhilaration looking forward to their favorite participants of the race. Same as in 2019 fans have to keep an eagle’s eye on their favorite riders, and they have extreme expectations from them. Besides these things, riders have incredible pressures on them because the expectations are high. And riders are hungry for their glorious victories, and this also gives tough time to the riders especially favorites ones.

Here are some riders who need to win the race in 2019 and this year seems like a big competing year for them.

1. Riche Porte

He is the winner and one of the best riders of tour de Suisse 2018. He is 33 years old as the age grow he loses his opportunity to get the first position because of physical fitness. Secondly, he also gets himself register for Tour de France that’s why he has extreme pressure on him to stick on his position.

2. Marcel Kittel

He is the winner of tour de France 2017, but he didn’t manage his victory even in one season. But he is trying a lot to make this season best for him.

3. Simon Spilak

He is the winner of Tour de Suisse in the year of 2015 and 2017, so the expectations are more than high from him, and fans are depending on his progress eagerly