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Who wins Basketligaen in Denmark 2020/2021?

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Danish basketball league

Despite lack of any significant club or national success, basketball in Denmark has a long tradition. The first professional basketball league in Denmark was established in 1957. However, Denmark’s national team played at most minor role on international competitions. Basketball in Denmark is in rise of popularity, but still not near the level of football and handball.

Since 1998, Danish national basketball league has become known as Basketligaen, and it represents highest professional competition in the country. The league changed its format and structure several times since then.

Up until 2000/01 season, the winner was decided after regular season games, without playoffs. Since 2000/01 playoff system is included, but it also changed over the years. The first three years champion was decided in best-of-three final series. Then, in the next four seasons the best-of-five series was included, and since 2007/08 season, finalists compete in best-of-seven series.

Also, since 2012/13 season, the finals MVP award is included, with Denmark’s Chris Christoffersen as the first MVP, and three American players with one Irish being the other award winners. Speaking of American players, they are the ones that bring the deciding quality to the teams.