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Who is Genoa manager Rolando Maran?

The current Genoa boss Rolando Maran was born in Trento, Italy in 1963 - he is one of the majority of 'home-grown' managers taking charge of a Serie A club this season.

in his playing days, Maran was a defender. He played to a relatively high standard with teams in and around the top three leagues in Italy. He started his career at his local club Benacense Riva where he played 87 times and scored seven times. Even at this very amateur level, his goal return for a defender was impressive.

He was scouted and, at the age of 23, he signed for Chievo. This would transpire to be the club that Maran spent the vast majority of his career as a player, both in terms of the number of years he spent there and in terms of the number of appearances he made. From 1986 to 1995, Maran made almost 300 appearances in the league, scoring 11 times. The club remained close to his heart due to the amount of time he spent there. Equally, he was well-liked by the fans and by the hierarchy of the club, factors which lead to his returning there as a coach when he eventually came to hang up his boots.

After his Chievo adventure, Maran joined Valdagno. He would stay for less than a year and make just ten appearances. He was unable to score a goal in this time. Late in 1995, he would join Carrarese. Here he made more appearances but it was becoming apparent that his age was beginning to slow him down. He left the club having made 23 appearances and again after being unable to score a goal in this time. He would have one last shot at play with Fano when he joined them at the start of the 1996/1997 season - he played 28 times and managed to score two goals, meaning he had scored for the first time in over three years.

Upon retiring, Maran returned to Chievo to complete his coaching badges and take a position with the club, as previously mentioned. He didn't stay long and joined Brescia as a youth coach in 1998, the club where he would later return as manager. Following this, he moved to Cittadella at the turn of the century where he took the post of youth coach again.

In 2002, Maran got his first break in the world of senior management - he was appointed as manager of Cittadella. He stayed for three seasons and was relatively successful in this time, managing to keep Cittadella away from the relegation places on a limited budget. Following this, he moved to Brescia where he had previously been a youth coach. His previous experience with the club did him no favours however and he was sacked less than a year into the job with the club looking over their shoulder at the relegation places.

From here his career has been very scattered, Maran moving about on average every other year. He joined Bari at the start of the 2006/2007 season but was dismissed after failing to meet their aims. He then joined Triestina where he saved the club from relegation before moving to Vicenza. At Vicenza, he again saved a club from relegation but was later relieved of his duties following a poor campaign in 2011.

He then made the switch to Varese - this was one of the higher points of his lower league career; he guided them to the playoffs in the second division where they lost out to Sampdoria in the semifinals.

His achievements with Varese were enough to earn him a move to Serie A, the league where he has remained since 2012. He joined Catania and his first season with the club was a resounding success, taking them to a record points total in the 2012/13 season. His second season was severely more disappointing and he was sacked with his club in the relegation zone. A little over sixth months later, however, he returned, only to be sacked again after Catania lay at the foot of the table with a few games to go.

He then moved to his old club Chievo, this would, like his playing days, be the club he spent the most time at in his current profession. He managed them for four years and kept them afloat during this period before finally being dismissed in 2018.

On 26 August 2020, Maran signed a two-year contract with Genoa.