Euro 2020 qualifying group B

Who will win the Euro 2020 qualifying, Group B?


Group B: Top 2



Group B for EURO qualifications is very interesting and tough. Portugal, Ukraine, Serbia, Lithuania and Luxemburg will fight for the top two places and qualify for EURO 2020.

Portugal is current Euro Champion and they are defending the title. Although they are playing without their best player Cristiano Ronaldo they finished 1st in the League 1 group 3 of League of Nations. They will play against Switzerland in the semi-final. On the World cup the were eliminated in the knock out phase. Even though they are playing in League of Nations semi final and can qualify for the EURO if they won that competition, they are still biggest favourites for winning the first place in this group.

Ukraine’s team is composed of some experienced players but also there are some very young football talents. They showed some good games in the League of Nations and they won 1st place of League B group 1. It means that they qualify for the League A and also that they will play in play offs of League B and if they won they can qualify for EURO 2020. This team doesn’t have any big successes on the big tournaments lately so even if they qualify it will be some success.

Serbia national football team is composed of players that are playing in some very big european clubs and have very football stars in the team but they aren’t so good and impressive when they play for the national team. In the team are players like Mitrovic (Fulham), Matic ( Manchester United), Kolarov (Roma), Radonjic ( Marseille)... They finished on the top of the table in League of Nations, League C group 4 with 4 wins and 2 draws. They qualify for League B and also will play in the play offs. If we compare this team to Ukrainian the Serbian team has more stars and experience and they are surely big contenders for the 2 top places in this group. They were playing on the World Cup and showed some good games there but didn't pass the group stage.

Lithuania was in the same group in the League of Nations with Serbia. They lost all six games in the group and were relegated to League D. In this group their quality is maybe near the quality of Luxemburg and it will be very big surprise if they won any points against Portugal, Ukraine or Serbia.

Luxemburg’s team showed some big progress in the last few matches in the League of Nations and in some friendly games. They finished 2nd in League D group 2 in League of Nations. They are considered as big underdogs and it will be surprise if they take points from other teams in the group.

The fight for the first 2 places will be tough between Portugal, Ukraine and Serbia and we are expecting to see some quality football games from these teams.