Euro 2020 qualifying group C

Who will win the Euro 2020 qualifying, Group C?

Northern Ireland17.0015.00

Group C: Top 2

Northern Ireland7.007.00


In the group C of EURO2020 qualifications we will watch one of the biggest euro football classics of all the time. The old rivals will play each other again, Germany and Holland. Besides them in this group are also and  Northern Ireland, Estonia and Belarus.

Germany maybe is team with most famous and successful history among these teams but lately the team is playing very bad despite the football stars that are playing there. On the World Cup 2018 in Russia, Germany’s national team didn’t manage to qualify for the knock out stage as they finish in the 4th last place in the group with South Korea, Sweden and Mexico. It was a very big surprise and the start of bad form. In the League of Nations Germany was playing in the A league, group 1 with France and Holland. They haven’t won even one game and finished last in the group and were relegated to League B. However in this group they are certainly one of the biggest contenders for the top finish.

Holland is totally different story from Germany. They failed to qualify for World Cup in Russia and also played very bad in the friendly games. But when Ronald Koeman was appointed as manager the things started to change on better. In League of Nations although no one gave them any chance for the 1st place in the group, they managed to finish 1st , above World Champion France and Germany. Holland will play in League of Nations play offs against England, but after they showed some impressive games lately they are definitely big favourites in this group.

Northern Ireland’s team dissapoint very much in the League of Nations in League B, group 3 where they finished on the last place with 4 defeats and were relegated to League C. They participated on the last EURO 2016 and almost qualify for the World Cup in Russia, they were eliminated by Switzerland in the play offs. Since then the team is in bad form. They played well in the last few qualifications for World and EURO cups and maybe in this qualifications they will do good.

Estonia always is considered as underdog in qualifications but always can do some damage to bigger teams. They haven’t played on some major competition so far. In the League of Nations they played in League C, group 2 and finished on the last place and were relegated to League D. They don’t have much chances for finishing in the top of the table but at least maybe they will show some progress and more attractive way of playing.

Belarus is very simular to Estonia. They don’t have much chance to qualify for EURO through this qualifications. But they were 1st in their group in League of Nations, League D and were promoted to League C. They also will play in League of Nations play offs of League D and they are searching their chance to qualify for EURO 2020 in that competition.