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Who wins men's slalom during winter olympics 2022?

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Alpine skiing during the Winter Olympics will be arranged 2022 in Beijing. Men's Slalom is a quite unique sport. The speeds are relatively high between the poles, that are positioned closer than in similar skiing sports. Just like other skiing events, its roots can be traced to the Nordic countries. Perhaps mainly Norway. From humble beginnings as a military exercise, it has now become an international sport that most countries take part of.

Modern slalom, as we know it, originated in the beginning of the 1920's. But the rules that govern slalom were first applied during the Olympic Wintergames of 1936. Most people are familiar with the basic rules. The slope is built on the basis of several poles placed in a series that creates a specific route. Usually called gates. For men, the drop is usually between 180 and 220 meters. The skiers must go between the poles. And generally, in the men's event, there are between 55 and 75 gates.

Even though the sport is standardized to the extent that all contestants have an equal opportunity. The Scandinavian countries have by far been the best. The reasons probably have to do with these countries having an abundance of snow. But lately, warmer countries have been gaining. So old truths aren't necessarily a given. The gear has also changed as time has gone on. And interestingly enough, the standardized length of skis has decreased during the last ten years. But no matter what, it's an intense sport where speeds have increased and athletes have become better than ever.

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