Vuelta a Andalucía 2020 odds

Vuelta a Andalucía (Ruta Del Sol) 2020 - stage 2 winner

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Sonny Colbrelli3.603.25
Dylan Teuns4.504.33
Oliver Naesen15.0013.00
Juan José Lobato15.0015.00
Matej Mohoric19.0017.00
Clément Venturini23.0021.00
Marco Canola23.0021.00
Andrea Pasqualon23.0023.00
Jakob Fuglsang26.0023.00
Julien Simon29.0026.00
Pello Bilbao29.0026.00
Petr Vakoc34.0026.00
Edoardo Affini34.0034.00
Enrique Sanz Unzué34.0034.00
Mikel Landa41.0026.00
Bryan Coquard41.0034.00
Jack Haig41.0034.00
Silvan Dillier51.0051.00
Loïc Vliegen67.0023.00
Simone Velasco67.0051.00
Valerio Conti67.0067.00
Alexander Edmondson81.0041.00
Jon Izagirre81.0041.00
Amaury Capiot81.0067.00
Maurits Lammertink81.0067.00
Orluis Aular81.0067.00
Stefano Oldani81.0081.00
Chris Harper101.0081.00
Gonzalo Serrano101.00101.00
Hugo Houle101.00101.00
James Shaw101.00101.00
Jan Bakelants101.00101.00
Rasmus Quaade101.00101.00
Stijn Vandenbergh101.00101.00
Jelle Vanendert126.0051.00
Marc Soler151.0067.00
Alexis Gougeard151.0081.00
Rubén Fernández151.0081.00
Antwan Tolhoek151.00101.00
Matthew Holmes151.00101.00
Paul Martens151.00151.00
Enric Mas Nicolau201.00101.00
Brandon Mc Nulty201.00151.00
Floris De Tier201.00151.00
Jordi Warlop201.00151.00
Andre Zeits201.00201.00
Brent Bookwalter201.00201.00
Jérôme Cousin201.00201.00
Martijin Budding201.00201.00
Martijn Budding201.00201.00
Tomasz Marczynski251.0081.00
Mikel Bizkarra251.00201.00
Sebastian Schönberger251.00201.00
Harm Vanhoucke251.00251.00
Mark Padun251.00251.00
Niki Terpstra251.00251.00
Sander Armée301.00201.00
Damiano Caruso301.00251.00
David De La Cruz301.00251.00
Alexander Konychev301.00301.00
Connor Swift301.00301.00
Dries Van Gestel301.00301.00
Eliot Lietaer301.00301.00
Evgeny Shalunov301.00301.00
Mikel Nieve301.00301.00
Scott Thwaites301.00301.00
Sondre H Enger301.00301.00
Thomas Boudat301.00301.00
Thomas Sprengers301.00301.00
Alessandro Covi351.00351.00
Ángel Madrazo401.00401.00
Antonio Pedrero401.00401.00
Diego Rubio401.00401.00
Kevin Deltombe401.00401.00
Mikel Iturria401.00401.00
Jens Debusschere501.00301.00
Vadim Pronskiy501.00301.00
Óscar Cabedo Cardá501.00501.00
Edward Ravasi501.00501.00
Jimmy Janssens501.00501.00
Juan Felipe Osorio501.00501.00
Kevin Reza501.00501.00
Louis Vervaeke501.00501.00
Lukasz Owsian501.00501.00
Nelson Oliveira501.00501.00
Nikita Stalnov501.00501.00
Roger Adria501.00501.00
Romain Sicard501.00501.00
Vegard Stake Laengen501.00501.00
Anthony Delaplace601.00601.00
Artem Nych601.00601.00
Christoffer Lisson601.00601.00
Garikoitz Bravo601.00601.00
Jaime Castrillo601.00601.00
Jorge Arcas601.00601.00
Kobe Goossens601.00601.00
Sindre Skjøstad Lunke601.00601.00
Willie Smit601.00601.00
Aleksey Rybalkin751.00751.00

Vuelta a Andalucía 2020

The Vuelta a Andalucía 2020 will be held from February 19th to 23rd. The race will have a total of 687 kilometers distributed in the five days and will have its decisive stage in the province of Jaén with two high climbs.

In the first stage, a total journey of 174 kilometers will take place, leaving at Alhaurín de la Torre. Mountainous stage with five climbs of different categories with constant rise and fall through the mountain range of Las Nieves and Ronda. The last climb, of 1st category, is climbed six kilometers from the finish line, so that the differences that are achieved at the top, will be important in the finish line.

The second will be the longest in terms of kilometers ridden, with a total of 199 km, and will pass through three provinces, beginning in Seville, the Andalusian capital, passing through the province of Malaga and ending in the province of Córdoba, specifically in Iznájar. The first mostly flat part passes through the Seville and southern highlands of Seville which the wind may appear in the first kilometers. A spectacular arrival to the sprint is expected for the strongest rider for the finish line in slight ascent.

In the third stage, cataloged by the organization as the decisive stage, it will begin in Jaén, with a total route of 176 kilometers and a total of four mountain passes. Highlighting the climb of Solera and that of Sierra Mágina, both of 1st category, to end the toughest stage in Úbeda.

In the fourth stage, the departure will be from Villanueva Mesía with a total of 126 kilometers to reach the capital of Granada. In this stage, we will have 3 climbs, one of them of 1st category, the Alto del Purche and going twice through the finish line. The first part of the route is flat, through the Las Vegas of Granada and reaching the city on the north side. They will have to climb two mountain passes which will make the first selection in a very short and explosive stage, the Purche at 17 kilometers of finish line will place the best cyclists in the leading group, the skill in the descent of Sierra Nevada and the speed in the sprint will give a solid leader facing the last day.

To finish the 66th edition in the year 2020, Mijas will close with an individual time trial of 13 kilometers where we will finally meet the winner. A time trial full of unknowns, it is not at all flat.

Top competitors in Vuelta a Andalucía 2020

In this edition, we can see cyclists of high quality on the Andalusian roads. Cyclists like Jakob Fuglsang, Mikel Landa, Enric Mas or Ion Izaguirre will fight to win the race.

The Danish cyclist will try to repeat victory just as it happened in the 2019 edition, where he was the fastest cyclist.