America's Cup odds – Get the Best Odds at America's Cup

Who wins the America's Cup 2024?

With the next America’s Cup planned to begin 6th March 2021 and end on 14th March, guessing who will carry the trophy is a hard guess. Following the defeat of the US Challenger, New York Yacht Club American Magic's by the Luna Rossa in the Prada Cup semi-finals, the winner of this year’s International Yachting Trophy remains to await and see game. And now Dean Barker was at the helm of the American Magic, America's Cup Odds seems to head to New Zealand.

With the Defender Emirates Team New Zealand optimistic of carrying America's Cup 2021, INEOS Team UK, Oracle Team USA and Groupana Sailing Team have weaker betting odds. But looking at the team's performances in the ongoing Prada Cup, end results may suggest otherwise.

Reading America’s Cup news, Jimmy Spithill the co-helmsman representing Luna Rossa, expressed his team's confidence in beating the games defender by saying “It’s payback time”. This was about INEOS Team UK ahead of the Prada Cup final slated for February 13.

The International Yachting Trophy is the oldest international sports trophy in the world. The trophy was first awarded in 1851 after America went head to head against other 15 yachts at the Isle of Wight in a friendly competition.

No challenge was held until 1870 when the Royal Thames Yacht Club competed against the challenger Cambria. Cambria was the first team to lift then America’s Cup.

This trophy is officially known as America's Cup and is usually a match between two competing yachts- the defender and the challenger. The first match to be held was between two teams – the schooner Madeleine (the defender) and Countess of Dufferin (the challenger). Schooner easily won the challenge.

Competition between two sailing yachts in America's Cup has been held since the 1920s. The teams to compete are determined in separate challenge series of elimination trials. Every yacht involved in the competition is designed and built in the countries or regions they represent.

Prada America’s Cup Teams Challenger Analysis

The Prada Cup Challenger games leading to the Americas Cup 2021 has been characterized by twists and disappointments. Emirates Team New Zealand is the only big team that isn’t participating in the challenger series: the defending team doesn’t contest in this event.

The American Magic disappointing 4-0 defeat by the Italian team (Luna Rossa) completely changes the competition perceptions. And ultimately gave a different view of the Americas cup odds as many were of a different opinion. New York Yacht Club, America Magic sailing the AC75 was trusted to take the lead following the restoration of the yacht to its full functionality.

The elimination of America Magic gave the Ineos Team UK a great hope. But with the British team having a warning arising out a filled complained, the Luna Rossa is highly favoured by America’s cup 2021 odds. Again any other infringement of the Prada Cup rules would cost them the finals leaving INEOS to compete with the New Zealand TEAM.

America’s cup 2021 Teams

Going through some the International Yachting trophy crossword clues, Emirates Team New Zealand has a higher chance in America’s cup 2021 betting odds. The upcoming 36th America’s Cup will be held in Auckland, New Zealand in which defending champion Emirates Team New Zealand shall race against the winner in the Prada Cup challenge.

The Prada Cup, Challenger Series began in 2020 and will end in February 2021 paving way for America's Cup. With Luna Rossa looking forward to competing against INEOS Team UK in the Prada Cup finals on 13th February, the only teams to bet for now remains to be three.

Emirates Team New Zealand

As the defender of America's Cup, they are a guaranteed a direct entry to the 2021 America's cup. Having won the PRADA ACWS Auckland late last year, the Emirates are likely to defend the trophy successfully.

With their exceptional smart tactics and technology, they are most likely to win. The team’s new boat ‘Te Rehutai’, which is much applauded for its technology will be used to rival their challenger in upcoming America's Cup come next month.


Ineos is Great Britain's sailing team established to take America's Cup 2021 trophy to the United Kingdom. They are based in Portsmouth, England and their helmsman is Ben Ainslie. The team which was owned by INEOS will represent Royal Yacht Squadron.

Their entry into the 36th American Cup was announced in 2018 and will be racing for Royal Yacht Squadron Racing. With Sir Ben Ainslie as the team principle and skipper seconded by Giles Scott, you can ignore their strength in the America’s cup 2021 betting odds.

Analyzing the INEOS crew which comprises of Sir Ben Ainslie, Grant Simmer, Giles Scott, Nick Holroyd, Leigh Macmillan, Bleddyn Mon, Neil Hunter and Oli Greber, one would be left how they’ll come second – strong and powerful team. Both Sir Ben and Giles have won many trophies and assisted other teams in winning sailing competitions including America's Cup 2013.

In preparation for the Americas cup 2021, INEOS Team UK has been camping at Auckland, England since October 2020.

Luna Rosa Pirelli Prada

Luna Rosa Pirelli Prada popularly referred to as the Challenger of Record, unsuccessfully challenged the New Zealand team in their first 2000 trial, 2003 America’s Cup and 2007 America's Cup. But having won the Louis Vuitton Cup in 2000 and raced to the finals in other subsequent Louis Vuitton Cup challenges, terming them as a weak team will be a great deception.

With the team headed by Francesco Bruni and Jimmy Spithill as their helmsmen, there is hope in successfully challenging the New Zealand team.

Jimmy Spithill nicknamed ‘The Pitbull’ is the youngest skipper to have won America's Cup.

Will the betting odds head to the New Zealand Team or the INEOS Team UK. Remember, Luna Rossa Pirelli Prada can't be ignored either.