Snooker odds

Snooker Betting Tips – Technical Analysis and tips

Snooker is a gentleman’s sport which is loved by the audiences and with major tournaments rolling, it has attracted a lot of the exposure towards it from the masses. Snooker is a game of two players which play against each other and betting becomes a little easy as compared to team sports. If you are looking to bet on Snooker then there are some tips which can definitely help you win the odds.

Who rules the Game?

Watch out for the players for the players coming from United Kingdom, they have ruled the game from World Championships to minor tournaments. If you are betting on Snooker then check the odds for these players. They have maximum chances to and the stats also are in their favour.
Players from England have won the World Championship 53 times in total and 22 times since 1969.
Whereas after England comes Scotland which has won the Championship 14 times in total and 12 times since 1969. These stats clearly prove the UK monopoly in this game.

Apart from this, the UK Championship is also one of the main tournament which occurs in England and the winning stats from it are also almost the same as the World Championship. England has claimed the title highest number of times which is 20 since the beginning. Scotland has won it 9 times which is second after England.

So Country can be considered as a reason which can easily give you an advantage in betting.

Which players to look out for while betting?

Snooker is one game which has another factor related to it, it is the age. As the saying goes, “Old is Gold”, the experienced players are still excelling in this format and proving unexpected results which is keeping them on the top since the past 15 years.
Since the year 2000, you will see similar names repeating in the winners list and that is the case with almost all the tournaments. Some very deserving names are yet to win the title but always have stayed on top of the game which has kept them close. The evergreen giants of snooker who rule the modern day game as well are

Ronnie O’Sullivan – He is one such package who is the most valuable player in Snooker history, also known as the People’s champion, he has entertained the crowd more than anyone else. Winning the World Championship 5 times, he is also the defending champion in UK Championship 2018. He rarely loses in the group stages and easily storms to the Semi Finals. So he is the favorite to bet when he is playing and he has higher chances of winning also.

Mark Selby – Also known as the “Jester from Leicester” he is known for his perseverance and technique. Having played the finals 4 times, he has won it 3 times. He also has won the China championship and is aiming for the world championship title this year.

John Higgins – He has won the title 4 times and has always proved all odds wrong with his consistency. Even at 43 years of age, he has the stamina to ply long tactical battles and win the frames from them. His 2010 final of the UK championship final against Mark Williams is by far considered as one of the most dramatic final in the history of Snooker and Higgins turned the tables and won it. Even after being banned for match fixing and remaining away from the game for 5 months, he never lost his focus and his form.

Mark Williams – Mark Williams is also one of the older experienced player of Snooker who has won the World Championship 3 times. He won in the year 2000, 2003 and then 2018 and now he is on top of his game. He has always easily cleared the group stages with ease in major tournaments and is not a player to take easily.

Judd Trump – He is young and ruthless, and also plays to entertain the crowds. His style of playing and shot selection is always classy and sometimes not very orthodox. He has recently won the Northern Island Open against Ronnie O’Sullivan as the odds were against him.

Kyren Wilson – He is a young player who has achieved a lot in the past one year and has won major titles which are Paul Hunter Classic and was in the finals of Champions of Champions. He has a very stable technique which helps him in break building so placing your bet on him can always be beneficial.

Apart from these some other players which have are ruling the game are Shaun Murphy, Neil Robertson, Marco Fu, Barry Hawkins who are profitable and can help you win bets. While placing the bets you should check these names out.

Form of the player – Along with this you also need to keep a watch on form as the season 2016-2017 was not that great for Mark Williams and later won the World Championship in 2018. Ronnie O’Sullivan’s career was considered to be finished when he was suffering from depression and he even showed his weird behaviour while playing. By keeping a watch on this you can make huge profits as it will be easy for you to place your bet even when both the players are big names.