Euro 2020 qualifying group A

Who will win the Euro 2020 qualifying, Group A?

Czech Republic15.0015.00

Group A: Top 2

Czech Republic1.201.20


The European Championships 2020 will be held in London, Munich, Rome, Baku, Saint Petersburg, Bucharest, Amsterdam, Dublin, Bilbao, Budapest, Glasgow and Copenhagen. The first match of the tournament will be held on June 12 in Rome, while the final will be on July 12 at Wembley.In the qualifications, 55 teams will play, for the first time Kosovo is participant in qualifications, and all teams will be divided into 10 groups. Five groups (from A to E) will have five teams and five groups (from F to J) will have six teams each.Qualifications will last from March 21 to November 19, 2019. Two best teams of each group will be placed at the European Championship, while the last four representatives (in total, 24) we will get through - the final of the League of Nations. A draw for qualifications was held in Dublin on 2 December 2018.

In group A for EURO qualifications are England, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Kosovo.

It seems that England got a pretty easy group. Also England will play in the final four tournament of League of Nations. They were first in their group in League of Nations before Spain and Croatia. If they win the League of Nations the second best team in their qualifications group will qualify for EURO. England has strong young team which they proved on the World Cup in Russia and now in League of Nations. They are absolutely biggest favourites for winning the first place in this group.

Czech Republic is maybe second best team in the group but their quality isn’t much different from the quality of Bulgarian national team.The Czech team didn’t have success in the League of Nations, so the qualifications are their only chance for EURO 2020. They were 2nd in League B. They also didn’t participated on the World Cup 2018 so their fans are expecting from the team to finally qualify for some big championship.

Bulgaria in the League of Nations was playing in League C in group 3 and finished on the 2nd place behind Norway. In those matches Bulgarian team has shown some very good games which gave their fans some big expectations but also in the last few matches they showed their bad side. And for them this qualifications are only hope to get place for EURO 2020. Bulgarian team has potential and also their fans are hungry for great competitions because this team hasn’t played on some major competition since EURO 2004.

Montenegro also played in League C group 4 of League of Nations. They didn’t show some great games as they only managed to win twice against Litva and played draw with Romania which was enough only for 3 place in the group. They played in League of Nations without their best player Jovetic (Monaco) due to an injury and also some other players so their team was composed with some very young players. Maybe in this qualifications they will show us some different way of playing and achieve something more.

Kosovo is the only team that is participant of qualifications for the EURO 2020 for the first time. They played in League of Nations in League D group 3 and won the 1st place on the table. They will play in the final four of League of Nations League D against Macedonia, so they will have 2 shots as well as England to take place on EURO 2020. Of course they are outsiders in this group but in the League of Nations they showed how serious they are in their goals.