Euro 2020 qualifying group D

Who will win the Euro 2020 qualifying, Group D?


Group D: Top 2



In the group D of these qualifications we are expecting some great games between old rivals.

As the favourites in this group are Switzerland and Denmark and right behind them is national team od Ireland. Considered as underdogs are teams of Georgia and Gibraltar.

Switzerland participated on the World Cup 2018 after winning in the play off game against Northern Ireland with only one goal scored from penalty in the first leg. But at the World cup they showed good performances but were defeated in the knock out stage. In the League of Nations they were playing in League A group 2 and finished on the 1st place above Belgium, and will play against Portugal in the play off, so the will have two shots to qualify for EURO 2020. Denmark also participated on the World Cup 2018. They qualify for World cup after they won against Ireland 5:1 in Dublin.They pass the group stage but were defeated in the knock out stage by Croatia. In the League of nations they played in League B group 4 with Wales and Ireland and won 1st place, got promoted to League A and will play in League B play offs. Their team is composed of young talented players and it shouldn’t be problem for them to qualify for EURO and maybe it is time for this young team to achieve some big result on big competition like EURO.

The form of Ireland team after qualifications for World Cup and defeat from Denmark in the play offs is constantly decreasing. In the League od Nations they played in the same group as Denmark and finished on the last place without any win and got relegated in the League C.

They made some changes after that and now manager of the team is Mick McCarthy. Maybe he will bring some positive changes to the team.

Georgia don’t have any major success in international football so far. But they have success in the League of Nations League D group 1. They finished 1st and got promoted to League C and also will be playing in the play offs.

Gibraltar is one of the weakest national football teams in Europe. Their team is composed from amateur football players, policeman, fireman... They didn’t have any major success in international football. Lately they showed some improvement as they managed to win 2 games in League of Nations League D against Armenia and Lichtenshtein and they finished on the 3rd position in the group above Liechtenstein.

In this group is interesting that 3 teams will play in League of Nations play offs and can qualify for the EURO 2020 if they win that tournament or also they can win in the qualifications group. So everyone in this group and even Gibraltar has some small chances to get a place to EURO 2020, it will be interesting to see how the things will get.