Man Utd manager odds

Man Utd manager odds

Zinedine Zidane2.752.75
Mauricio Pochettino7.507.50
Ryan Giggs13.0013.00
Laurent Blanc15.0015.00
Didier Deschamps17.0017.00
Joachim Löw17.0017.00
Antonio Conte21.0021.00
Brendan Rodgers26.0026.00
Carlo Ancelotti26.0026.00
Gary Neville26.0026.00
Thomas Tuchel26.0026.00
Rafael Benítez29.0029.00
Eddie Howe34.0034.00
Gareth Southgate34.0034.00
Sam Allardyce34.0034.00
Sean Dyche34.0034.00
Nicky Butt41.0041.00
Arsène Wenger51.0051.00
Carlos Queiroz51.0051.00
Phil Neville51.0051.00

José Mourinho - Is the 3 year experiment falling apart early?

The young boy from Sebulta in Portugal probably never expected to be this successful as a manager. 7 league titles across 4 countries and a total of 573 career wins have turned Jose Mourinho into one of the worlds best managers. So when he signed a 3 year contract in May of 2016 with Manchester United, hopes were high the Portuguese native could bring back success to the club which hadn’t seen much of it since Sir Alex Ferguson retired. However, 22 months on, Mourinho hasn’t produced what United were looking for. An FA cup and a Europa league in his first year was a good start, but right now United sit 16 points behind local rivals Manchester City and were shocked by Sevilla in the Champions League earlier this year. Manchester United is not a club satisfied with winning the FA cup every year, we’re looking at you Arsenal. Huge signings need to produce results and despite it being early on, Mourinho doesn’t appear to know how to get the best of Alexis Sanchez. So if United look for his replacement this summer, who’s likely to replace Mourinho.

Mauricio Pochettino

Pochettino has shown he can be a one of the best managers in the world, however I doubt he’s going to achieve that at Tottenham. Surely Pochettino must be looking to win at a big club and it doesn’t appear Tottenham are going to give him the assets to win. Manchester United are very different to what the Argentinian has now, I’m sure that United would provide Pochettino with a much bigger budget than he has now. United may not have the history with Pochettino however I don’t think that would stop him from becoming Manchester United’s next manager. If he really wants to win Pochettino needs to make the move.

Carlo Ancelotti

You can’t say that Ancelotti doesn’t know the premier league, having been a part of Chelsea’s 3 year managerial cycle. Ancelotti is the much more experience character than Pochettino, totalling 607 wins, 21 trophies and 13 managerial awards in his 22 year career. Ancelotti is a proven winner and if Manchester United are interested in winning now, then he should be the man for the job. However looking to the future Ancelotti is probably not going to be the long term solution Manchester United are looking for. He’s only stayed at a club for more than 2 years once.

Diego Simeone

The Argentinian famous for being kicked by David Beckham has been United’s target since Sir Alex left. Simeone took a middle of the table club in Athletico Madrid and made them two time Champions League finalists and league winners, which in the era of Messi and Ronaldo dominating La Liga seemed a very difficult task. Simeone is only 47, which for managers is young, so could be the long term solution to the managerial problem faced by United. Simeone has proven he can get the best out of players and even make under the radar great transfers. Unfortunately there is a catch with this, Simeone looks unlikely to leave Madrid. He’s fallen in love with the club and it would have to be a big offer to pull him away. Not only that but United face some competition from Arsenal is Arsene Wenger leaves, or Chelsea for Simeone’s signing.

Jürgen Klinnsman

Now this might be a stretch but Klinnsman could be an interesting candidate for the job. The German international has been out of work since he was fired from the US national team for failing to reach the world cup. Klinnsman may not have the managerial awards and trophies of some of the other candidates, but he makes up for it in heart and expert tactics. He is an offensive minded coach so could bring the pace and energy in attack back to United. Klinnsman could turn United into the dominant attack they once were. I’m sure he could also push Sanchez and Lukaku who haven’t always reached their full potentials under Mourniho. He would certainly be an interesting choice.