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Rubén Sellés Salvador, born on June 15, 1983, in Valencia, Spain, is a talented and promising football manager who has recently taken charge as the new reading manager for Reading Football Club. With his impressive coaching experience and dedication to the sport, Sellés is poised to make a significant impact on the team's performance and help them achieve their goals.

Sellés began his managerial career in 2020, taking charge of the Valencia U18 team. His time with the youth squad showcased his ability to nurture young talents and instill in them the necessary skills and tactics required to succeed at higher levels of the game. Sellés's tenure at Valencia U18 was marked by significant improvements in player development and the team's overall performance.

In 2022, Sellés had a brief but impactful stint as the caretaker manager for Southampton Football Club in the English Premier League. Despite the temporary nature of his role, he demonstrated exceptional leadership and tactical acumen, guiding the team through a challenging period and earning admiration from players and fans alike.

Sellés's achievements and potential did not go unnoticed, and in 2023, Reading Football Club recognized his talent and appointed him as their new manager. The club's decision reflects their confidence in his ability to shape and lead the team to success.

As the new manager of Reading, Sellés brings a fresh perspective and a wealth of knowledge to the club. Known for his meticulous approach to the game, he emphasizes the importance of a well-organized and disciplined team. Sellés understands the value of teamwork, strategic planning, and maintaining a strong work ethic. These principles form the foundation of his coaching philosophy, and he aims to instill them into the Reading squad.

Sellés's ability to connect with players and build strong relationships is another one of his strengths. He is known for his approachable nature and his willingness to listen and communicate effectively with his players. This fosters an environment of trust and understanding, allowing players to perform at their best.

Furthermore, Sellés is a keen observer of the game and adapts his tactics and strategies to suit the strengths and weaknesses of his team and the opposition. He believes in creating a flexible and adaptable playing style that can respond to different challenges on the field. Sellés's tactical acumen combined with his ability to motivate players has proven to be a winning combination in his previous managerial roles.

As the new reading manager, Rubén Sellés Salvador is set to embark on an exciting journey with the team. With his extensive experience in player development, tactical expertise, and exceptional leadership skills, he is well-positioned to lead Reading to new heights. Fans and players alike can look forward to a bright future under Sellés's guidance as he strives to create a winning culture and deliver success to the club.

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