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Six Nations Championship: A Rugby Extravaganza

The Six Nations Championship also goes by Six Nations or 6 Nations. People love this championship and mention it their own way. It takes place annually and is one of the most awaited rugby tournaments for lovers.

The thrilling clash of the teams makes the spectators witness the magic of teamwork and rugby skills. Every year, 6 European rugby teams come forward and fight to acquire the title. There is more to this rugby championship, and this post will shed light on its different aspects for better understanding.

A Storied History

The Six Nations Championship dates back to the late 90s when it was named Home Nations Championship. It originated in 1883 when Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and England were the major teams picked for the face-offs. Later, in 1910, France was also included, and the championship hit five teams in total. Today, Italy is also a member of the Six Nations Championship.

The Format

The format that the tournament follows is round-robin, where all six teams have to oppose each other one by one. The matches extend to seven weeks. The first match usually takes place in February and lasts up to mid-March. The tournament also includes two away games and three home games each year. The teams score points depending on their skills on the field.

No points are given for the loss, while one point is given if the match is tied. Two points are for winning a game. Bonus points only in case a team scores four or more than four tries. The team that will be successful in scoring the most points will be declared the winner of the championship.

The Contenders

These six teams are the life of this championship, and below is their overview present.

Rivalries and Iconic Matches

The Six Nations Championship is always hot news for the lovers. It produces nostalgic moments for the viewers and adds to their thrill at the same time.

Impact and Global Reach

The Six Nations Championship has been able to foster a huge fan base across the world. Millions of fans ingrain their eyes on TVs and don't miss a single moment throughout the game as well. It's not just a European tournament; instead, it beats in the hearts of global rugby fans. The best part is that it is a huge platform for the players to brush up their skills and upgrade themselves to meet the future rugby requirements for different formats easily.


It is the Six Nations Championship, which sets rugby ablaze for the players and fans around the world. From thrill to suspense, this tournament is a full-package source of entertainment for rugby fans.