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Everything You Should Know About Stockport County’s Manager Dave Challinor

Like many other League Two managers, Stockport County’s Dave Challinor began his career in football as a player. During his professional career, Challinor played for four teams in total as a center-back. One of the teams he played for was none other than his current home, Stockport County. His time there lasted for 100 appearances in 2002-2004. Now, he’s made it his home once again, and 2023 is his third year managing the Hatters.

So far, Dave Challinor has done an impressive job, especially with the amazing results he brought from overseeing the team’s strong performance for the 2021-22 season. The Hatters were able to climb to the top of the National League to earn a League Two promotion. Now that they are in a more competitive league, it’s expected that they might need some time to find their footing. Contrary to that belief, these players have done nothing but show some impressive results so far. Thanks to their dedication, Stockport County currently sits at seventh on the table.

In terms of the team’s future, things are looking up. Still, there’s some extreme preparation needed if they want to make it to the top 3 in their division. For Dave Challinor, this means putting in the time to devise some effective ways to cut down on certain mistakes.

For the secret to his winning mentality, Challinor emphasizes the importance of focusing on what is in your control “you have to control what you can control… The big thing for me is having a group of players that go out there knowing that, regardless of whether they have a good game or bad game, they will give everything they’ve got” he said in an interview with Sky Sports.

In the past few games, Stockport have not shown the seemingly invincible traits that were on display in December, but they are still extremely formidable. The team is just one point shy of catching up to Mansfield Town, and their next game could be another strong case in point for their championship contention.

The Hatters have a strong squad with players like Kyle Wootton and Paddy Madden representing their side. According to Challinor, their playstyle is something that is quite unique. At Stockport County, players try and maintain their attacks while still playing in the opposition half of the pitch. Their defense is extremely aggressive and we can lend some of the credit for this to Challinor’s experience playing defensively in his career.

Their amazing clean sheets are nothing to scoff at, using a tactical set up that heavily relies on the team’s attitude, just as much as their mechanical prowess. It’s a similar style of ‘rest-defense’ that can be seen in top managers like Jürgen Klopp in the biggest leagues. Many coaches see this style as a high-risk way to play football, but it is still extremely rewarding when done right.

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