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Dutch Basketball League (DBL)

Formerly known as “Eredivisie”, the Dutch Basketball League (DBL) shows pride in being the highest professional basketball league located in the Netherlands. This league is also accredited to be run by the Federatie Eredivisie Basketball, also known as FEB. Being a participant of the league has its own requirements – the system needs the participants of the team to have enough money of their own, along with their given potential. The history of DBL began in 1960 as Eredivisie was organized by the NBB, with its own progress up until 1977 when the league introduced the play-offs. Based on 2019 records, the Dutch Basketball League (DBL), holds ten teams and plays that abides to the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) rules.

The name Eredivisie was changed to the Dutch Basketball league during the 2010-11 season. Its league top Netherlands teams consisted of the popular Donar and ZZ Leiden, with Donar winning five titles – three straight titles from 2015 to 2018. Additionally, Donar took pride in its achievements in the Dutch History after being able to reach the semis of the 2017-18 International Basketball Federation (FIBA) Europe cup, which was the first European semis of a team since Amsterdam in 2001. Clubs were seen to be disappearing because of their own financial problems that cost the closed doors for Amsterdam in 2011, West-Brabant Giants in 2011 as well, and Magixx in 2014. With the closed doors of this league also resulted to new doors for other teams, as to where the clubs in Apollo Amsterdam and Den Helder Suns emerged.

For the rules and format of the league, each team must play four times with all the other teams of the league, twice at home and twice away from home. The regular season of DBL ends after all 36 matches are played by the teams. The Dutch Basketball League also has a winter break, like many other national domestic leagues, and is implemented once the team has already played half of the games scheduled. The eight remaining best teams play in a play off at the conclusion of the league season schedule. Normally, the first team standing is matched with the eighth team and so on. For the quarter finals, the leagues use the best of three method, and the semi-finals are played with the best of five method. Lastly, finals are played on a best of seven method, for the extra thrill and excitement. In case of teams dropping to 9 or lower in seasons, six teams will be qualified for the playoffs and the numbers one and two will automatically proceed to the semis while the other teams shall play for quarterfinals.

Same with the rules and regulations of other formal leagues, the DBL has rules to limit the number of foreign players of clubs, because they aim to uphold the Dutch talent in the league. Until 2019, the DBL did not allow a team with more than four players without the dutch citizenship on the court team all at the same time. 2015-2017 had a maximum limit of 4 foreign players in a team, 2017-2019 had a maximum of 5 foreign players as long as there was 1 dutch player at the court and on 2019 up to the present, a minimum of 6 home grown players was set for the foreign teams.

The 2020-21 Dutch Basketball League (DBL) will be the highest professional basketball league in the Netherlands with its 61st season, starting in September 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of cancellations all over the world, and the DBL has to endure it as well. For this season, the budget for the teams was lowered from 300,000€ to 150,000€. With the consequences of the pandemic, it was also announced that Apollo Amsterdam won’t be playing for this season.